Welcome to the new home of WTVP. With steps a, wheelchair ramp and an automatic door, 101 State Street is fully handicapped accessible. Pictured, former Vice President of Engineering David Schenk (19572008).

The reception area is an impressive two stories high and opens to an artfully curved hallway leading to the heart of the building.

Master Control is the literal center of the station. Computers, projection screen and full automation take the place of bulky equipment and traditional television monitors making this a Virtual Master Control.

Outside Master Control, the "Tech Hallway" leads to various technical rooms and production suites on the left and to the studio on the right.

Network Control houses the computers and machines necessary to facilitate the broadcast and production operations of the station.

In PCR-the Production Control room - directors communicate with the studio personnel and control which cameras and effects are implemented during our local productions.

A companion to PCR, Audio Control is where sound for all productions is mixed, including 5.1 Dolby surround sound common to HD productions. A soundproof announce booth for voice-overs is also available.

Edit Suite A contains the computers and equipment used to edit materials shot in high definition - one of very few such units available in the region.

Edit Suite B houses WTVP's Avid Suite - the computers and equipment used to edit standard definition footage.

Opposite all the control rooms is the WTVP Studio. Specially engineered to be soundproof and remain rock-solid against any vibration, the studio was designed by world-renowned studio creators Rees & Associates. One-and-a-half times larger than the previous facility, the new WTVP Studio features a fixed cyclorama (a wall without seams or corners used for special video effects), a state-of-the-art lighting system constructed by Grand Stage of Chicago, and a 10-foot door for large vehicles and huge sets.

Upstairs, visitors are welcomed to the WTVP Office by Big Bird, Elmo and a spectacular view of the river.

The new office brings the entire WTVP staff together in one building for the first time.

Out the back door, the 6.3-meter "Earth Station" enables WTVP to receive programming from satellites in geosynchronous orbits over the United States-especially PBS'.

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