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Lori Daniels - Tin Ceiling Artist

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Lori Daniels

Tin Ceiling Artist - Mapleton, IL


Inspired by nature, Lori uses salvaged tin from 1800s ceiling pieces as her canvas.

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Lori Daniels, Tin Ceiling Artist

"Basically, I'm an antique dealer," says Lori Daniels. A wink and a smile should follow this statement, though. She has been an antique dealer since she earned her art degree from Bradley University in 1992, but now she's turning those antiques into one-of-a-kind artworks, bringing a whole new meaning to the term. Her basic medium is antique tin salvaged from ceilings dating from the 1840s-1900s. She recomposes the tin into individual pieces and multi-dimensional collages, and paints and glazes them using her own mixed pigments. It's a slow, organic process that results in one-of-a-kind originals. Her over-arching inspiration is always nature and the trees she loves. The tin speaks to this love, not only in its period ornamentation which so often includes trees, vines, fruits and flowers, but also the unique qualities of each piece that have been affected by their original environments as well as current climates and pressures.

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