Episode #108 -
Judy Page
Jazz, blues, soulů Judy Page has been singing from the heart since childhood. With an early retirement from Caterpillar, Inc., now she devotes her life to her true passion.
Original Air Date(s): 12/1/2012
Guest Information
Judy PageJudy Page - Singer

At a very young age, Judy Page knew she was destined to be a singer. At age three she was singing entire gospel songs for friends and neighbors, and by age 15 she was performing with a band for money. Just a couple years later, Ike Turner, the iconic record producer, was on her doorstep, recruiting her to come on tour with him and Tina Turner as an "Ikette." Just days after graduating high school at age 17, Judy flew to Atlanta to perform with Ike and Tina for six months. Since performing with the legendary duo, Page has always been performing, even during her 25 year career at Caterpillar, Inc. After an early retirement, she has been the lead singer of both Kriss/Kross and now the local jazz group, Speakeasy.
Judy Page - Singer
Judy Page - Singer
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