Episode #113 -
Bud Harvey
Harvey forges iron into 'Black Gold Treasures' using hand forged techniques of Master Blacksmiths dating back to the Bronze Age.
Original Air Date(s): 12/1/2012
Guest Information
Bud HarveyBud Harvey - Blacksmith

After 37 years of working for Caterpillar, Inc., Bud Harvey attended a blacksmith class with a friend in Missouri, with no intention of doing anything with it. The weeklong class with Israeli Master Blacksmith, Uri Hofi, had Harvey hooked. With bachelor degrees in Metallurgical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University, metal was not a new concept to him. Bud is a Boy Scout of American Silver Beaver, member of the American Society of Materials and Past President of the Illinois Blacksmith Association. He now owns and runs Hot Iron Blacksmith, "Forging Iron Into Black Gold Treasures," with wife, Janelle.
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Bud Harvey - Blacksmith
Bud Harvey - Blacksmith
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