Episode #114 -
Beth Ann Magnuson
Using actual eggs as her canvas, Magnuson uses carving and etching techniques to create delicate works of art with Victorian lace-like patterns.
Original Air Date(s): 12/1/2012
Guest Information
Beth Ann MagnusonBeth Ann Magnuson - Egg Carver

Having always lived on a farm and been around feathered friends, eggs have always been a big part of Beth Ann Magnuson's life. It was not until 22 years ago when Magnuson moved both her home and business to Central Illinois after flower farming for dozens of years, that she started doing something different with eggs. After seeing an ad in the paper on carving eggs, she became hooked. She now carves and etches turkey, chicken, duck, peafowl, pheasant, partridge, and even quail eggs with a special type of drill. Not only does she do eggs, but also makes wreaths and silhouettes and is all around an artistically talented woman.
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Beth Ann Magnuson - Egg Carver
Beth Ann Magnuson - Egg Carver
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