Auction 2015


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Luann Claudin

Auction Director

(309) 495-0547


Mailing Address:

WTVP Auction

PO Box 1347

Peoria, IL  61654-1347


Auction Office:

101 State Street

Peoria, IL  61602


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Auction 2015

April 23rd-26th


  1. Pull up your favorite easy chair.  

  2. Have the popcorn and soda close at hand.  

  3. Don't forget to have your phone close to you and your dialing finger in shape!  

  4. Tune in to the WTVP Auction on WTVP 47!

  5. Watch the items presented on each board. See something you like? Write down the item number, item name, and your highest bid.  

  6. Call the bid numbers on the screen and place your bid. (All bids must be at least 50% of donor value)  

  7. Bid early - as soon as you see an item you want to bid on, CALL!  

  8. Bid your highest bid - don't count on being able to get back through to increase your bid - it may be too late!  

  9. If you're the highest bidder, a volunteer will call you that same evening to confirm your bid and give you Pick Up 'N' Pay instructions.


What makes WTVP's auction so different than other fundraising auctions is - WE'RE ON LIVE TV! Bidding is done real-time by television viewers, right from the comfort of their homes. Items are displayed and described on-air, then viewers phone in their bids. Once a "board" closes, the high bid amounts are announced on air. Did it sound like your bid? Wait for your confirmation phone call (always that same evening) telling you when and where to pick up your item. Phone doesn't ring? Someone else got that item so keep watching and keep bidding.

To place a bid call:

309-495-0555 (Peoria area)
866-377-0555 (toll free)

Make Bidding Fast & Easy!

Get an

Express Bid Number

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Bidding is simple but it can be intimidating, especially when you're excited about an item or worried about a board closing soon. The phone banks are loud and the volunteers sometime have a hard time hearing, but they are required to get your personal information (every time you call in a bid, even on the same item) before they can get your bid posted. A few things you can do to help your chances are:

  • Talk loudly and clearly

  • Have the NAME OF THE BOARD your item is on (for example "Lighting Board A")

  • Have the ITEM NUMBER (phone volunteers do not go by item description)

  • Remember to bid in whole dollar amounts and start at 50% of the stated item value

  • Get yourself an Express Bid Number so you don't have to go through all your personal information EVERY TIME YOU CALL


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