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July 2009 - New Fiscal Year & New Channels
Photo of WTVP Retired CEO MChet Tomczyk
Chet Tomczyk
Chet Tomczyk - President & CEO, (retired 2014)

July 1 marks the start of a new fiscal year for WTVP. Our 2009 books closed on June 30, and the new business year starts now. Just how we ended the year won't be known officially until sometime in September when the annual audit is completed. I will report the results to you then.

I do know that for WTVP, as for you, the last twelve months have been "interesting" ones. A declining economy, uncertain markets, unemployment, and massive technical changes certainly contributed to the challenges we all faced. We all tightened our belts, got a grip on our wallets, and made the changes required to weather the tempest. Here at WTVP the economy caused us to reduce staff, cut salaries and benefits, and learn to do more with less. That situation continues into the new fiscal year so that we can devote every cent possible to programming - the reason you support WTVP and Public Television.

One thing that has thankfully settled down for the moment is the technology. WTVP elected to turn off our analog transmitter in February rather than waiting until the revised June 12 date. There were two benefits to this: more of our members and viewers got an early opportunity to experience high definition and our two new services, WTVP WORLD on channel 47.2 and CREATE on channel 47.3. The response to these new channels has been overwhelmingly positive, so in that case, at least, change was good.

Chet Tomczyk
President & CEO, WTVP (Retired 2014)

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