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February 2010 - Winter Blues...
Photo of WTVP Retired CEO MChet Tomczyk
Chet Tomczyk
Chet Tomczyk - President & CEO, (retired 2014)

Although shortest on the calendar, February certainly seems like the longest month of the year. Will winter never end? Will the gray, leaden skies and sub-freezing temperatures ever go away? Isn't it about time for the first crocus to bloom? For Pete's sake, this is Central Illinois, not Green Bay, Wisconsin! We need some color and warmth in our lives.

But if you think you're suffering the winter blues, I can pretty much assure you that others have had it much worse. Coming up on American Experience this month is the story of the Donner party and their efforts to survive when their westward trek was stymied by a fierce winter in the mountains. This real life tragedy eclipses the typical Hollywood reality program and shows what real people are reduced to doing to survive. If you don't know this true story from our history, it is certainly worth your time.

The groundhog not withstanding, the real harbinger of spring for me is the annual WTVP Auction. This year's dates are April 22-25. We are in need of volunteers to solicit merchandise, to pick it up and get it to WTVP, to write scripts, etc. etc. etc. Each year we use the talents of more than 800 volunteers, so if you would like to be involved in this fun event, please call or email Luann at (309) 677-4747 or luann.claudin@wtvp.org. She is already working with woodworkers and craftsmen on special handmade items, and that will make this year's event special. You're involvement will make it extra special.

Finally, thank you to all who have made additional contributions or renewed your memberships during the past month. Your continued support keeps WTVP on air serving Central Illinois with the best television on television...and on the web.

Chet Tomczyk
President & CEO, WTVP (Retired 2014)

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