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January 2011 - New Year Greetings
Photo of WTVP Retired CEO MChet Tomczyk
Chet Tomczyk
Chet Tomczyk - President & CEO, (retired 2014)

New Year greetings from all of us here at WTVP! The Board of Trustees, staff, and management wish you the very best for a happy and prosperous 2011.

Just like you, we've gazed deeply into our crystal ball to see what the New Year will hold, and we find the picture to be a little fuzzy. Mostly what we see is a reflection of ourselves staring into the orb. Our seer-like powers are no better this year than last.

We expect that there will be good times and bad; that the economy will continue to be of major concern; world peace will remain fragile; babies will be born; friends will pass away; and, that we will always be dependent on men and women of good will and good cheer.

We also know that we will all be spending more time than ever with media. In addition to broadcast television and radio, cable, satellite, Internet, and smart phones, and heretofore-unimaginable devices will compete for our time and attention. Once the novelty has worn off, we are still left with the need for quality content on those devices. Content, or programming if you will, is what keeps you using these devices and technologies, and I can promise you one thing for the coming year: the quality of programming on Public Television and WTVP will continue to be at extremely high levels.

Our pledge to you this New Year is to continue providing you with the best television on television, programming that you never feel you have wasted your time watching. Drama, news and opinion, arts and culture, performance, science and nature or children's programming, we will again strive to provide you with a quality product worthy of your time and support.

Thank you for your watching and thank you for your financial support. Whether you are new to WTVP or if you have been with us for the past 39 years of our existence, you are very important to us. We are grateful to and for you.

Finally, I would like to make special note of the passing of two longtime friends of WTVP. Denise Ritschel, one of the station's volunteer "founders," and Henry Allovio, Jr., past Board Chairman and Treasurer, made significant impacts on the station and will be greatly missed by all of us.

Chet Tomczyk
President & CEO, WTVP (Retired 2014)

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