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September 2013 - Linda Miller, WTVP Travels, & Doc Martin
Photo of WTVP Retired CEO MChet Tomczyk
Chet Tomczyk
Chet Tomczyk - President & CEO, (retired 2014)

Happy Silver Anniversary to Linda Miller, WTVP's Vice President of Programming. She first joined WTVP on August 1, 1988, as our Public Information Director and was promoted to head up our Programming Division in 1995. Since then she has been actively involved with bringing you some of the best television on television, and has become widely respected by her public broadcasting colleagues here at WTVP, across the state and across the nation. Best wishes and thank you Linda.

Bon voyage to our intrepid WTVP Travelers as they head out to England later this month. The first portion of the trip will include visits to several sites used as settings for Masterpiece productions such asDownton Abbey, Upstairs/Downstairs, Sherlock, Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis and more, and ends up in the beautiful Lake District and Liverpool with the "Beatles Experience." For the intrepid few adventurers, a fifty five mile walk along Hadrian's Wall will follow.

You are invited to join us on our next WTVP Travels adventure in February 2014, when we visit the Holy Land. Information is available online at www.wtvp.org/travels/travels.asp or by calling (309) 677-4747. Future trips include a cruise to Croatia and a trip to Normandy and Paris to observe the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Here's a sneak peek/let-the-cat-out-of-the-bag item for those of you who are enjoying the Doc Martin series on Saturday evenings: new episodes never before seen in Peoria will premiere on October 12. Linda Miller (above) has acquired seasons three, four and five of the series, and she promises there will be comedy, drama, and many, many surprises for the good doctor and his charges in Portwenn.

Several fun WTVP events are planned for the next two months, and you'll find information about them throughout this guide. Be sure to join us for an insider's look at Downton Abbey with Jessica Fellowes on September 28, and then in October, watch for a very special display and presentation of wildlife photography by Peoria's own Jim Miller. More information will be forthcoming about these and several other events, so stay tuned, and keep watching and supporting your local public television station, WTVP. Thank you.

Chet Tomczyk
President & CEO, WTVP (Retired 2014)

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