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December 2014 - Gathering Around Shared Experiences
Photo of WTVP CEO Moss Brenahan
Moss Bresnahan
Moss Bresnahan - President & CEO, WTVP

Gathering around shared experiences.

July 20, 1969. With emotions ranging from awe to anxiety, we watched as something almost incomprehensible took place -the Apollo 11 landing on the surface of the moon 203,000 miles from earth, and Neil Armstrong's first steps onto the lunar surface. I watched, too, and even at that young age, I was fascinated with the power of television to deliver such an experience. That moment - shared by an estimated 500 million people around the world - may have planted the seed for my career in public media.

Perhaps now more than ever, I believe in what all of us gain when we connect around inspiring content from PBS and local member stations such as ours. This month, you'll find a mix of new specials and PBS core programs, including Nature, NOVA, American Masters and Antiques Roadshow featured during our pledge drive Dec. 1-14. PBS is experimenting with fine-tuning this mix, and we're pleased to bring you new and holiday specials along with the shows you enjoy throughout the year. Among them is NOVA: First Man on the Moon (premieres Dec. 3 at 8 p.m.), offering a first-time portrait of Neil Armstrong, a private Midwesterner made famous by the Apollo 11 mission.

Thank you for your support of the programs and content you love on WTVP and wtvp.org. If you'd like to renew your support or give an additional gift, you can give us a call or make a gift online at wtvp.org. Thank you also for believing in our mission as we continue building the future of public media in central Illinois.

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2015!

Moss Bresnahan
President & CEO, WTVP

Twitter: @MossILMedia

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