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June 2015 - Banner Year for Public Television
Photo of WTVP CEO Moss Brenahan
Moss Bresnahan
Moss Bresnahan - President & CEO, WTVP

Thank you for your ongoing support of WTVP. As a free over-the-air service, the vast majority of our support comes from you, our viewers, who not only watch WTVP, but also support it with your annual membership. As longtime members, you know this, and WTVP is so grateful to you for your ongoing support.

WTVP serves central Illinois with the best television on television...and beyond. There is a wealth of programming and resources available to you and your family anytime, anywhere, on any "screen" you have.

It's been another banner year for public television programming. From our award winning children's programming to an epic history of America in The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, from cutting-edge science breakthroughs on NOV A to beloved dramas including Downton Abbey on Masterpiece, the national schedule has been one hit after another. On the local front, WTVP has provided you with the only televised downstate gubernatorial debate in Illinois, a thoughtful look at one year of recovery after the Tazewell County tornadoes, and a three-part exploration of cancer research and treatment advances happening right here in Central Illinois.

And we've listened to you. As we bring you our last on air membership appeal before the close of the fiscal year, we are concentrating on mission-based programming from core series such as American Experience, Great Performances and Masterpiece Mystery! We encourage you to "fund your favorites" and help us keep up the quality programming you count on from WTVP everyday.

Moss Bresnahan
President & CEO, WTVP

Twitter: @MossILMedia

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