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August 2015 - Reality. TV.
Photo of WTVP CEO Moss Brenahan
Moss Bresnahan
Moss Bresnahan - President & CEO, WTVP

Reality. TV.

"Reality TV" is anathema to many of our viewers. In fact, you specifically turn to WTVP to escape such offerings found on so many other channels. However, I encourage you to give our brand of reality programming a try.

Already we have brought you an in-depth look at the realities of the State of Illinois' budget crisis with extended coverage of the legislature on Illinois Lawmakers. We also brought that down to a local level in an At Issue Special exploring how the budget stalemate is impacting the fiscal realities of local human resource services. And the regular season of At Issue begins this month for more discussions of real topics influencing Central Illinois.

We are also in great anticipation of Big Blue Live. This spectacular three-day live event will redefine Reality TV as we follow, not the canned antics of celebrity family, but marine wildlife in Monterey Bay on their annual migration. This exciting event pairs PBS' expertise in science and nature reporting with the BBC's extensive experience in live natural history broadcasting. It promises great action, close encounters with fascinating creatures, and lots of learning opportunities.

And the best reality is that all of this is made possible by you and your support. We'll be coming to you on air this month with a mixture of the core programming you love and new specials that inspire and entertain. I am confident they will remind you why you choose to spend your time with WTVP, and encourage you to continue your support.

It's an exciting time to be in Public Broadcasting. Thank you for being a part of it.

Moss Bresnahan
President & CEO, WTVP

Twitter: @MossILMedia

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