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October 2015 - Moving Forward Together
Photo of WTVP CEO Moss Brenahan
Moss Bresnahan
Moss Bresnahan - President & CEO, WTVP

Moving forward together.

As WTVP viewers, you have been witness to the great things happening on air. The national PBS schedule has offered incredible documentaries like The Civil War and Walt Disney on American Experience, sweeping dramas like Poldark and Indian Summers on Masterpiece, and thoughtful coverage of national issues on the PBS NewsHour and America After Charleston.

Our local productions have met this standard of excellence with new episodes of , new seasons of At Issue and The Screening Room, more programs from our collaboration with the Peoria Symphony Orchestra, and an exploration of transportation issues in Illinois with the Honorable Ray LaHood and Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.

What you haven't seen is the stellar work going on behind the scenes as WTVP and WILL craft an exciting new partnership. We've spent the summer getting to know each other, exploring our strengths, focusing our mission, and identifying community needs. Together we are in a prime position to meet the challenges ahead, and take advantage of the opportunities in the digital age. We clearly have many assets to build upon, including you, our loyal audience.

In the coming months you will see the fruits of these labors in more content of consequence, deeper relationships with our viewers and members, and more opportunities to connect with each other.

Thank you for your continued support of WTVP and public media in Central Illinois. We are honored to be a trusted and valued local institution in our community.

Moss Bresnahan
President & CEO, WTVP

Twitter: @MossILMedia

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