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February 2016 - Election Year
Photo of WTVP CEO Moss Brenahan
Moss Bresnahan
Moss Bresnahan - President & CEO, WTVP

There are few tasks more important this election year than giving the country the news coverage, information and conversation to help make sound choices. WTVP is here to serve your needs through national and local content from PBS, NPR and WTVP.

PBS Election 2016 offers a comprehensive schedule of news, public affairs, documentary and corresponding digital programming that will deliver fully integrated news and analysis from multiple perspectives. Look for ongoing coverage from PBS NewsHour - including caucuses, debates and primaries - and Washington Week, issues investigations from Frontline and Independent Lens, and historical perspective from American Experience and the new series 16 for '16. PBS will also launch a new elections-focused digital destination on PBS.org this month that will include content from NPR, PBS' signature news and public affairs programs and local PBS station newsrooms across the country, including our new Illinois NewsRoom.

At Issue continues to add local perspective to national issues by connecting you to the people and policymakers in the know. And Illinois Lawmakers brings state issues to the conversation with coverage of Governor Rauner's major speeches live from the Statehouse.

Through PBS' trusted, thoughtful public service journalism, WTVP hopes to be a forum for informed conversation about politics that goes from the local grassroots perspective, to analysis and context.

Moss Bresnahan
President & CEO, WTVP

Twitter: @MossILMedia

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