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August 2016 - Annual Summer Membership Drive
Photo of Colleen Runkle
Colleen Runkle
Colleen Runkle - Director of Development, WTVP

As summer turns to fall, many families and students are preparing for back to school. The excitement that surrounds the new school year is in the air. That same feeling of eager anticipation is happening at WTVP now as we prepare for our annual summer membership drive, coming at the end of the month.

Whether your favorite subject is science (NOVA), history (American Experience), current events (NewsHour), music (Austin City Limits), or recess (Doc Martin)....we have something for you! WTVP is your partner in lifelong learning and entertainment.

As we've put together the schedule of programs for this membership drive, I've been amazed at the quality and depth of the possibilities. We try to bring a variety of shows which will appeal to all different age groups and tastes, and I'm so impressed with the amount of time and effort the staff puts into crafting a schedule that will not only entertain, but offer positive insights and opportunities for self-improvement. But that's what public television is all about - bettering the individual and providing a quality television experience. Your pledge of support is not only important to WTVP, it is vital to our ability to bring you the quality and trusted programming you enjoy. We put as much thought into choosing programs we hope you will enjoy and learn from, as a teacher puts into lesson plans.

So, just as students are getting back into their routine, we hope you will enjoy the shows that have been selected with you in mind, and make a pledge.

WTVP is only possible because of our generous donors. Thank you for watching and supporting!

Colleen Runkle
Direcotr of Development, WTVP

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