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Dear Loyal Member:

What a lucky man I am. Every day, I am fortunate to meet one of you Ė one of our loyal viewers Ė and, invariably, we are soon caught up in a long conversation about the programs we love on WTVP.

Itís always thrilling to meet fellow devotees of public television Ė the best television on television. From Downton Abbey, which captured our hearts, to the ever-intriguing Sherlock Holmes to new breakout successes like Call the Midwife, this past year has been flush with rich programming found nowhere else.

That, dear friend, is the reason for this letter. The creation and broadcast of programs that touch your life, your heart, your interests, that stimulate your mind and satisfy your curiosity depend on your additional support.

Every time you watch WTVP you know youíre receiving value Ė itís television worth watching and time worth investing. At the end of a program Ė you know how you feel. You are more informed about our community, our state, our world, our universe thanks to At Issue, Illinois Adventure, PBS NewsHour and NOVA. You are awed by the depth of history in our documentaries, both local and national. You are uplifted and your heart made to soar by operas, Broadway musicals and other Great Performances.

You feel richer for having WTVP to rely on for award-winning programming that engages and inspires you. WTVP connects you to your community and to the world. So many friends like you have told me how public television enriches your life, but we wouldnít be here without you. So thank you for your past support!

Because we have been friends through the medium of public television for a long time now, I have great comfort and confidence in asking you to make an additional caring gift to WTVPís Year-End Program Fund Campaign. Your special year-end contribution right now is our most important source of unrestricted programming funds, and can help make up for those who would like to give but cannot due to their financial situations.

You can make an additional gift for mere pennies a day. A $100 special gift is roughly $ 0.25 per day Ė less than a candy bar or cup of coffee.

Please take a moment right now and write a generous check in support of your favorite WTVP programs.

WTVP is a valued nonprofit, but it is still a business. Like you, WTVP must pay its bills. While we offer our programs freely, they are not free. In fact, programming is our largest single expense. Further, we donít interrupt every program with commercials because our job is to educate, illuminate and entertain you Ė not sell your eyeballs to advertisers. Of course, that also means we donít have the funds that commercial advertising generates.

Not being beholden to advertisers is part of why the integrity of public television is unmatched. For nine years running, according to a nationwide Roper poll, Americans consider PBS their single most trusted programming source.

Thatís not a surprise. Again, weíve had this conversation. Youíve told me how much you trust and love WTVP. Itís a wonderful partnership. With your ongoing support, including additional year-end gifts, WTVP can continue to bring you the programs you rely on.

Please take a moment now to write a generous, tax-deductible check in support of WTVPís Year-End Program Fund Campaign. Simply return it in the enclosed envelope or go online to But please know that every day that passes, weíre that much closer to the end of our campaign Ė December 31.

Thank you for your continuing and additional support. I look forward to our next conversation!

Warmest regards,

Chet Tomczyk
President & CEO

P.S. The value of your tax-exempt gift can be increased through a matching gift from many participating area employers. The Caterpillar Foundation, for instance, matches all CAT employee and retiree gifts $50 or more submitted online at Please act now.



WTVPís Year-End Program Fund Campaign


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