David Schenk

1957 Ė 2008

David Schenk

David Schenk, WTVPís Vice President of Engineering, unexpectedly died on February 29, 2008, from massive heart failure resulting from undiagnosed and non-symptomatic heart disease. His death was especially shocking as he had just recovered from a successful cancer surgery and was responding well and with almost no side effects to the follow-up treatments.

A deep sadness pervades the station because we have lost one of the individuals intimately involved in making WTVPís transition to digital broadcasting possible, and one who was an integral part of the daily fabric of the stationís operations.

David designed the technical plant in the new WTVP production center in 2003 and continued to oversee the technical operations of the station until the day of his passing. As the chief technology officer for the station, he also supervised the development and growth of WTVPís IT activities, including the stationís growing website, streaming video and video archiving. He was also the Executive Director of Communications and Engineering Support at Bradley University and Chief Engineer at public radio station WCBU-FM.

David was the consummate engineer and ďtechie,Ē but he tempered that with his background as a program producer. This gave him a unique insight into the technical side of the equipment and its ultimate use in storytelling and content creation.

David was a true friend, a dedicated bicycler, an avid golfer, and someone you could always count on for a straight answer, even when delivered with a bit of dry wit. He will be missed by us all.

Our deep condolences to his ďtechnicalĒ family at Bradley University and to his real family at home: his wife Donna, and his children Calvin and Anna.

Chet Tomczyk

President & CEO



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