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Analog Shut-Off Update from WTVP #2

Wednesday, February 26th, 2009



Analog shut-off and transition to all digital broadcasting took place as planned in Central Illinois on February 17. Only WHOI has chosen to delay its transition until June. Following the transition, WTVP staff and volunteers and personnel from WEEK, WYZZ, and WMBD answered 416 calls throughout the day and into the evening of February 18. Most of the calls dealt with converter box set up and tuning antennas.

From the calls that came in, it was pretty obvious that viewers were prepared for the transition, and mostly needed a little help in getting set up. Very few callers said they were caught unawares, and most everyone handled the changeover with typical Midwestern grace and aplomb.

Calls continue to come in to WTVP, but as their quantity decreases the complexity of issues increases. Most frustrating are those calls that seem to have unsolvable issues such as distance from the transmitters or defective converter boxes. For help in aiming your antenna correctly, remember that most local TV transmitters are located in East Peoria in a triangle formed by I-74, I-474, and the Illinois River. WYZZ’s tower is in Congerville closer to Bloomington-Normal than to Peoria.

As to converter boxes, each brand is different and the buttons on their remote controls are all labeled differently. This makes things very interesting for our ladies who are taking the calls here. They have all gotten very adept at visualizing the caller’s remote and labeling, and they have gotten very creative in handling problems. I am pleased to say that they handle each call with patience and grace, and they take it very personally when they are unable to help a caller. They have certainly earned at least Associate’s degrees in consumer electronics and psychology, and I thank them for their service. I

f you are still having issues with your reception of channels 47.1, 47.2 or 47.3, please do call during normal business hours Monday through Friday, and we will try to help.

For those of you who have made the transition successfully, how are you enjoying all the new programs and great services no available to you in digital? It does make a great difference, doesn’t it?


For further information contact Chet Tomczyk, WTVP President & CEO (309) 677-4747 chet.tomczyk@wtvp.org



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