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WTVP Bids a Fond Farewell to Reading Rainbow

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009



Reading Rainbow, a staple in the WTVP children’s programming lineup for nearly 25 years, will leave the schedule after August 28, 2009. Broadcast rights to the series will cease and new literacy programming will join the schedule.

“We will be so sad to see the series go,” said Linda Miller, WTVP Vice President for Programming. “It has provided the impetus for reading programs and WTVP outreach efforts in the communities of central Illinois for many years, and we’ve had a fun and fulfilling time bringing the joy of reading to children, parents and caregivers alike. Happily, we have lots of great series like WORD GIRL and WORD WORLD to fill the void, with the promise of more new programs to come.”

One of the most popular WTVP outreach projects has been the Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators contest, where children write and illustrate their own stories. There have been three national winners from the station in the last fourteen years. The station hopes to continue a similar contest in the future. “We will definitely look to continuing some sort of writing competition for young students,” said Miller. “It’s a great exercise and has been a favorite project for many librarians, teachers and home-schoolers.”

WTVP recently recognized this year’s local Young Writers and Illustrators winners. National judging is currently underway, and prizes will be awarded to the winners. Winning stories will be available online between August and December 2009, at which point the Reading Rainbow web site on pbskids.org will end. Local stories are currently available at www.wtvp.org.

The Reading Rainbow series has not been in production for several years and PBS had taken it out of the weekday feed schedule last fall to make room for the new literacy-based shows. WTVP continued to air the series at that time.

Neither PBS nor producing station WNED, Buffalo were able to fund another cycle of renewals, nor were they able to identify a new corporate funder. The series will continue to be available to educators via non-broadcast distribution and off-air educational rights will remain in effect for a year following the last broadcast of each episode.


For further information contact Linda Milller, WTVP Vice President of Programming (309) 677-4747 or linda.miller@wtvp.org





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