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Grade School Authors Win Local Writing Contest

--WTVP’s PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest announces 14 winning stories--


Monday, May 4th, 2010


Peoria, IL—A mysterious and frightening feline holds the neighborhood in suspense. A collection of silly garden gnomes comes to life to wreak havoc on their household. A walk through the year from spring rains to playing in the snow. An inventive hot dog determined to fly. A gigantic alligator on the loose in New York City. New friends who are "helping the world become a better place one idea at a time."

These are just a few of the award-winning stories written by Central Illinois students for the "PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest" held by WTVP 47, Central Illinois’ Public Television station. The contest, designed to build on the educational and imaginative children’s programming from PBS KIDS GO!, invited kindergarteners through third graders to write and illustrate their own original stories. Entries were submitted to WTVP and judged locally by a team of writers, educators, and librarians. The station is pleased to announce 12 winners and two Honorable Mentions.

First Place Winners

  • Kindergarten—Rohan Nagaraj of Dunlap for "The Four Seasons"

  • First Grade—Meriah Nicole Fearon of Peoria for "Naughty Gnomes"

  • Second Grade—Hannah Grace Hicks of Mapleton for "The Black Cat"

  • Third Grade—Luke Stidman of Morton for "The New Kid’s Club"

Second Place Winners

  • Kindergarten—Simone Bates of Dunlap for "Tigers Are Nice"

  • First Grade—Alyssa Bivens of Bartonville for "The Rhyme Crime"

  • Second Grade—Sidney Ropp of Pekin for "Summer Dogs"

  • Third Grade—Evan Glad of Canton for "Sleepwalking Trouble"

Third Place Winners

  • Kindergarten—Tanner Hahn of Peoria for "The Alligator Ate the Dinosaur"

  • First Grade—Simah Riaz of Lombard for "Benny’s Grades"

  • Second Grade—Elizabeth Mueller of Metamora for "Exploring the World"

  • Third Grade—Steven Blunier III of Metamora for "Hot Doggin’ Bob"

Honorable Mentions

  • Second Grade—Will Cisco of Princeville for "Will’s Animal Rescue"

  • Third Grade—Ashley Simmons of Creve Coeur for "The Mystery Twins"

The first place winning stories have advanced to the national competition where they will compete with stories from other PBS stations from all over the United States and its territories for prizes including laptop computers, digital cameras and MP3 players. All local winners are being treated to a celebration in the WTVP Studio and will receive prizes that will encourage them to keep reading, writing and using those creative brains. Their stories will also be featured on the station website, [Click Here]. All entrants will receive a certificate of achievement for their stellar efforts.

Through broadcast and services, WTVP has been serving the communities of Central Illinois since 1971. Also on the Internet, WTVP provides quality educational content to the world. WTVP and wtvp.org—Public Media for Central Illinois.


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