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The WTVP Endowment Fund

Monday, January 13th, 2011



Over the years many WTVP members and viewers chose to make special additional gifts—above and beyond their annual membership—to the WTVP Endowment Fund. This Endowment Fund constitutes a long-term savings account that the station’s Board of Trustees can access in times of serious financial problems. For example, the Endowment Fund played a critical role in the station’s survival during the fiscal challenges of 2007. A new WTVP Endowment Fund has started and is growing thanks to the contributors listed below. At the end of November, the new Endowment was valued at nearly $75,000. We are most grateful for the confidence and support of all Endowment donors, and especially to the anonymous donor who pledged to match the first $10,000 raised. If you would like to join these donors and have a long-term impact on WTVP’s future, please call the WTVP Development Office at (309) 495-0547.


2010 WTVP Endowment Fund Contributors

John R. & Susan Adams		

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Andrews Jr.		

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Arterberry		

Mr. Merlin W. Aten		

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baierbach		

Mrs. Patricia Baird		

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Behrens		

Ms. Blanche Bernardi		

Drs. Arthur F. & Susan Bishop		

Mr. Allen Blessman		

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Bradshaw		

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E Buck		

Mrs. Eli Byrum		

Mr. & Mrs. Ross E. Canterbury		

Mrs. Robert Carmack		

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Caughey

Mr. James E. Chapman

Mr. & Mrs. Wendell R. Clark

Mrs. Dorothy Clevenger

CORE Construction Foundation

Mrs. Elaine M. Dentino

Mrs. Connie Disney

Mr. Donald K. Downes

Farmers State Bank

Mrs. Dorothy Flier

Mrs. Joan French

Mrs. Martha H. Giebelhausen

Scott H. & Allison Goodyear

Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Greer

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hanley

Mr. & Mrs. William Heinhorst

Mrs. Bernard Herriman

Mr. George E. Hinman

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene W. Holmes

Mrs. Gerald Hurst

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Jacobus

Ms. Jacqueline B. Kinsinger

Mr. & Mrs. William P. La Bounty

Mrs. Fred Larke

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Lins
Mrs. Dorothy Lockhart
Ms. Rebecca Marvel
Mr. Stuart McKneight
Mr. Ken Mellendorf
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W Miller
Mrs. Rosemary Mischler
Mr. Peter J. Moreschi
Mrs. James Mount
Mr. Roy Mueller
Mrs. Edeltraud Muller
Ms. Ada L. Oetgen
Mrs. Martha D. Orwig
Mrs. Virginia Patch
Mr. Robert Quinn
Mrs. Marilyn J. Rice
Mr. Steven J. Rock
Ms. Rebecca A. Roesner
Mr. & Mrs. George A. Schaefer
Mrs. Della Mae Schindler
Miss Cathy Schmidt
Mr. Clarke Sherman
Mr. David C. Slagle
Mrs. Lewis Staker
State Bank of Speer
State Farm Insurance Companies
Mrs. Leon Steele
Miss Donna Stelter
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Z. Sudow
Pat Sweeter
Mr. & Mrs. Chet Tomczyk
Miss Ann Turner
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Vanness
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Wagner
Ms. Julia Weiss
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Whitler
Jean H. Wilcox
Mr. & Mrs. James Wygle
Chris & Sarah Zallek
Mr. Albert Zeller
Mr. Harold Ziebell


For further information contact Phil Zeni, WTVP Vice President of Development, at (309) 495-0561 or linda.miller@wtvp.org



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