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Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011


Hosted by Matt Damon and produced by Emmy-Award winning filmmakers Marilyn and Hal Weiner, Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization is a new PBS documentary based on the book by environmental visionary Lester Brown. Premiering Wednesday, March 30 at 9 p.m. Plan B is the 12th episode of the award-winning PBS series Journey to Planet Earth, and is a presentation of South Carolina ETV.

Featuring some of the world's most original and influential thinkers, Lester Brown's message is clear and unflinching either confront the realities of climate change or suffer the consequences of lost civilizations and failed states. Ultimately, Plan B provides audiences with a hopeful glimpse into a new and emerging economy based upon renewable sources plus realistic strategies to avoid the growing threat of global warming. The film makes a strong case for choosing new economic and environmental priorities and developing new responses to the challenges associated with growing populations.

Appearing with Lester Brown are Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman, former Governor and Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt, along with other scholars and scientists. Locations include: China, Japan, Korea, India, Italy, Turkey, Bangladesh, Zambia, Haiti, and the United States.






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