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WTVP Mobile Production Unit Fails

—Bradley Basketball will continue as scheduled—


Thursday, December 29th, 2011


WTVP Mobile Production Unit

Late last week the transmission failed in the WTVP Mobile Production Unit. The truck is now unable to travel to at least the next two away games scheduled for Bradley Basketball. However, the show will go on and Bradley fans will not miss any originally scheduled telecasts.


The WTVP Production staff is able to continue using the Unit for home games while working to fix the transmission, and special provisions are being made for away games. For this weekend’s game—Saturday, Dec. 31 against Indiana State live from Terre Haute, Indiana— viewers will enjoy coverage featuring WTVP’s talent, camera crew and Uplink truck on location, while game footage will come from the kind folks at WTWO-Wabash Valley (NBC) who have agreed to allow WTVP access to their production. Tune in Saturday at noon on WTVP-World 47.2. Details for the Tuesday, Jan. 10, game against Drake live from Des Moines, Iowa, are pending.

Both a truck and a travelling production studio, the “Mobile Unit” is used for the station’s own on-location productions—such as Bradley Basketball—as well as a revenue-generator through contract jobs and rentals. WTVP is working to get the truck back on the road as soon as possible. Your support is as crucial, and appreciated, as ever: http://www.wtvp.org/membership/membership2.asp

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For further information contact Stacey Tomczyk, WTVP Promotion Director, at (309) 495-0594 or stacey.tomczyk@wtvp.org



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