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The WTVP Travels Reunion scheduled for Monday, May 2nd, 2016 & the Travel Preview night scheduled for Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 have been canceled. No further information is currently Available.
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Dedicated to Chaos

Louis Armstrong, ca. 1930s

Young rebels take jazz in startling new directions, but their innovations are largely unnoticed amidst the war effort. In Europe, jazz is banned by the Nazis and embraced by their opponents as a symbol of freedom and democracy. Jazz: Dedicated to Chaos (1940-1945) premieres Friday, May 6th at 8:00pm on WTVP-HD 47.1. [Watch Preview]

Song Stage Illinois
Final Finalist Chosen

Song Stage Illinois logo

The last finalist slot is filled. Kenny Jamison vs. Slow Down Scarlett Kenny, episode 4 winner, returns to face wild-card winner Slow Down Scarlett. We are again brought up to speed on how both advanced, and we see how Kenny chooses his second round song, "One Life." Slow Down Scarlett, after getting a second-chance, decide not to play it safe, and choose a Jethro Tull style flute-rock song called "The Way Out." Song Stage Illinois: Final Finalist Chosen premieres Friday, May 6th at 10:00pm on WTVP-HD 47.1. [Watch Preview]

Song Stage Illinois
Finalist Face Off

Song Stage Illinois logo

The three finalists face off. Erin Jo vs. Michael Downing vs. Slow Down Scarlett. We've gotten to know them all now, but viewers are brought up to speed on what's happened so far. Because of more performances, and more at stake, this episode builds to the climax of the songs quicker than the others. Each artists has to pick between their first and second round songs, and all three choose to perform their second round, faster songs. Song Stage Illinois: Finalist Face Off premieres Friday, May 6th at 10:30pm on WTVP-HD 47.1. [Watch Preview]

The Café
Fragile – Handle with Care

"Sarah Porter" played by Michelle Terry

Everyone wants to know how Sarah's meeting with the literary agent went. Brenda makes her an offer, but Carol's got bigger concerns. The Café: Fragile – Handle with Care premieres Saturday, May 7th at 8:30pm WTVP-HD 47.1.

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