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Doc Martin: Revealed
Wednesday, 3/4/2015 @ 8:30pm on WTVP HD 47.1

Shot on location in Port Isaac, Cornwall, England, this program features behind-the-scenes footage from the newest Doc Martin series (Season 6). Viewers get inside access to the actors and crew as they film sequences on the balcony at Large's Restaurant and in the nearby pub that doubles for the Crab & Lobster.

DVD Doc Martin Behind The Scenes Collection
2 Doc Martin Mugs
2-DVD Set Doc Martin Series 6
COMBO: The Big Doc Bundle
Rick Steves' Italy: Cities of Dreams
Wednesday, 3/4/2015 @ 8:30pm on WTVP Create 47.3

In his latest two-hour special, travel guru Rick Steves tours the ancient glories and back-street riches of three great Italian cities - Rome, Venice and Florence. Starting in Florence, Rick beholds the art of Fra Angelico, Botticelli and Michelangelo. In Rome, he ventures into the rustic neighborhoods of Trastevere and the Ghetto. In Venice, he gazes upon the splendor of the Doge before embracing the good life with a gastronomic pub crawl and a romantic gondola ride.

2014 Florence Guidebook
2014 Rome Guidebokk
2014 Venice Guidebook
2-DVD Set 11 New Shows
COMBO 1: Italy Guidebook + 11 New Shows DVD
COMBO 1: Italy Guidebook + All 100 Shows DVD Box Set
All Pledges Include Italy Planning Map + Travel Skills DVD
Super Brain with Dr. Rudy Tanzi
Wednesday, 3/4/2015 @ 8:30pm on WTVP World 47.2

Dr. Rudy Tanzi explores new discoveries in neuroscience that maximize the potential of the human brain in practical and actionable ways. He demonstrates techniques for keeping the brain youthful and retaining mental acuity as we age, and dispels long-held myths, including "aging in the brain is irreversible" and "the brain's hard wiring cannot be changed."

DVD Super Brain w/RudiTanzi
COMBO: Super Brain: A User's Manual Kit
My Yearbook: 1960-1963 (My Music)
Wednesday, 3/4/2015 @ 10:00pm on WTVP HD 47.1

The early 1960s were a time of joy, excitement and romance for teenagers and their parents as the music of the era spoke to them. Innocent school years were filled with songs of hope and heartbreak as pop music appealed to both the younger and older generations. In these years, parents and their children were connected by music on the radio and on TV, with songs that had mass appeal for both to enjoy. Pop crooner Bobby Vinton hosts his first "My Music" program, in this all-new archival clip special devoted to the golden pop years from 1960-1963.

DVD My Yearbook: 1960-1963
3-DVD Set My Yearbook: 1960-1963
5-CD Set My Yearbook: The Teen Years
COMBO: 3-DVD Set + 5-CD Set
Ed Slott's Retirement Roadmap!
Wednesday, 3/4/2015 @ 11:30pm on WTVP HD 47.1

Ed Slott's RETIREMENT ROAD MAP is an all-new 60-minute pledge program for March 2015 filled with all the ingredients that make Ed's previous programs so successful - wisdom, humor and insight helping viewers navigate the potholes, detours and road blocks to a prosperous, fun and worry-free retirement. Ed shows how to take your retirement savings on a permanent vacation from taxes and avoid a tax hungry Uncle Sam at every turn!

DVD Ed Slott's Retirement Roadmap
COMBO: Slott Solution 2015
60's Pop, Rock and Soul (My Music)
Thursday, 3/5/2015 @ 12:00am on WTVP HD 47.1

Hosted by icons Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits and Davy Jones of The Monkees, this concert spectacular features hits and favorites of the AM radio era from Paul Revere & The Raiders, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, The Kingsmen, The Ventures, Question Mark & The Mysterians and Jefferson Starship. Every song is a classic from the decade of peace, love and profound social change - sung by performers who represent a period of time that resonates through the generations.

CD Sixties Pop Rock & Soul Original Soundtrack
7-DVD Set Sixties Pop Rock & Soul
7-CD Set Sixties Pop Rock & Soul
COMBO: 7-DVD Set + 7-CD Set
Burt Bacharach's Best (My Music Presents)
Thursday, 3/5/2015 @ 2:00am on WTVP HD 47.1

For over half a century, the immensely popular and immediately identifiable melodies of composer Burt Bacharach have touched millions of music lovers around the world. This My Music special, hosted by Robert Wagner, celebrates Bacharach's hits of the 1960s-1980s by original artists Dionne Warwick, The Carpenters, B.J. Thomas, Dusty Springfield, and others.

DVD Burt Bachrach's Best
CD Dionne Warwick Sings Burt Bachrach
COMBO: DVD + CD Dionne Warwick Sings Burt Bachrach + 3-CD Set The Burt Bachrach Collection
Deepak Chopra: The Future of God
Thursday, 3/5/2015 @ 3:30am on WTVP HD 47.1

Faith meets science in DEEPAK CHOPRA: THE FUTURE OF GOD - a ground-breaking and thought provoking 60-minute public television pledge special in which world renowned spiritual teacher and medical doctor Deepak Chopra demonstrates that the tools of our most advanced fields of science can be used to answer some of these fundamentally spiritual questions. Most importantly, Dr. Chopra will argue that Religion and Science, when understood at the highest levels, do not contradict each other and, in fact, actually complement each other! Dr. Chopra argues that even those of us brought up in a largely secular, materialistic world, without a devout connection to a religious tradition, can still have a more productive vital life, and a greater sense of well-being and happiness, if we gain a more intimate and powerful connection to the Divine Wisdom of the ages. By combining science, history and philosophy, as only Deepak Chopra can, he delivers a program that embodies and celebrates so much of what is central to the mission of public television: An ongoing, curious and engaging, quest into what it means to be human.

DVD Deepak Chopra: The Future of God
Combo 1: The Divine Collection
COMBO 2: The Divine Collection + Dreamweaver Glasses 2.0
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