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PBS NewsHour
Wednesday, 8/31/2016 @ 6:00pm on WTVP HD 47.1

For 35 years, the solid, trusted reporting on PBS NewsHour has made it one of the most reliable news programs on television. Each episode features in-depth news coverage, including segments of interviews and news conferences.

PBS NewsHour Logo Ceramic Mug
PBS NewsHour Logo Tervis Water Bottle
America's Wild West
Wednesday, 8/31/2016 @ 6:00pm on WTVP World 47.2

The men and women who helped tame the West were larger-than-life Americans - rebels, pioneers, and icons of the frontier culture. Both heroes and villains, they captured the imagination of a nation and inspired a stream of novels, television shows, and big-screen dramas. Step into the past with this new special, which features some of the best moments from American Experience's films of the Wild West: Annie Oakley, Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Custer's Last Stand, Jesse James, Kit Carson, and Wyatt Earp.

America's Wild West DVD American Experience: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
America's Wild West 3-DVD Set
Earthflight, A NATURE Special Presentation
Flying High
Wednesday, 8/31/2016 @ 7:00pm on WTVP HD 47.1

To fly like a bird, Earthflight not only captures remarkable images of wild flocks but also relies on some extraordinary relationships between people and birds. For some of the unique flying shots, members of the team become part of the flock. The birds follow wherever they go - even in a microlight over Edinburgh and London. In Africa, paragliders float alongside wild vultures, while a model vulture carries a camera inside the flock. In South America, wild-living macaws, that were rescued as babies, still come back to visit their "foster mother," one of the cinematographers, as he travels along a jungle river.

Earthflight Book
Earthflight 2-Bluray Set
Earthflight 2-DVD Set
Earthflight Combo With 2-BluRay Set
Earthflight Combo With 2-DVD Set
Justin Hayward: Spirits....Live
Wednesday, 8/31/2016 @ 7:30pm on WTVP World 47.2

Early in 2014, legendary lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for The Moody Blues, Justin Hayward, embarked on a concert tour of the East Coast featuring classic Moody Blues songs plus songs from his solo album Spirits of the Western Sky. Hayward's tour culminated in a powerful performance taped at the Buckhead Theater in Atlanta. This pledge program will bring that very special concert to our PBS audience.

Justin Hayward Spirit Live DVD
Justin Hayward Spirits Live 3 DVD Set
Justin Hayward Spirit Live Combo
Straight No Chaser: Songs of the Decades
Wednesday, 8/31/2016 @ 8:30pm on WTVP HD 47.1

Combine ten talented singers with a touch of humor, and you get Straight No Chaser. This special is a journey through the history of pop music. The lineup includes everything from doo wop to contemporary pop, and everything is given the Straight No Chaser twist. This performance includes classic hits from the '50s and '60s, Motown classics, as well as contemporary pop hits.

Straight No Chaser Decades DVD
Straight No Chaser: With a Twist DVD
Straight No Chaser - Songs of the Decades - 2 Tickets, Wednesday, December 7, Braden Auditorium
Straight No Chaser - Songs of the Decades - 2 Tickets, Wednesday, December 7, Braden Auditorium plus Meet and Greet
Straight No Chaser COMBO
Red Rock Serenade
Wednesday, 8/31/2016 @ 10:00pm on WTVP HD 47.1

A symphony of world class images from the West's red rock country, combined with music from some of the world's best loved classical composers.

Red Rock Serenade DVD
Red Rock Serenade 2-DVD Set

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