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The Jewel
in the Crown

Episode 1

Tim Pigott-Smith (center) as Ronald Merrick, District Superintendent of Police.

WTVP is proud to announce the return of The Jewel in the Crown! Based on Paul Scott’s Raj Quartet novels, this dramatic series, first broadcast in 1984, recounts the final days of the British Raj in India during World War II. Episode 1: In 1942, the Japanese, having conquered Burma, are threatening India. At Mayapore, Hari Kumar comes under suspicion of subversion by Merrick, the District Superintendent of Police. The Jewel in the Crown - Episode 1 airs Sunday, July 5th at 3:00pm on WTVP-HD 47.1. [Watch Preview]

Masterpiece Mystery!
Season 2 - Episode 3:

Roger Allam as DI Fred Thursday and Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse

A woman found choked to death with a black silk stocking is the third strangling victim in a month. Morse and Thursday grapple with their personal travails as they work to narrow the list of possible suspects before the Oxford strangler strikes again. Masterpiece Mystery!: Endeavour, Season 2 - Episode 3: Sway airs Thursday, July 2nd at 9:00pm on WTVP-HD 47.1. [Watch Clip]

New Tanglewood Tales
Backstage with Rising Artists
Episode 4

The Boston Symphony Orchestra at Tanglewood Music Center.

Follow the story of six Fellows from the 2014 class of the Tanglewood Music Center, the Boston Symphony Orchestra's prestigious summer music academy that takes place at Tanglewood in western Massachusetts, as they receive instruction through master classes and coaching by preeminent personalities in the classical music world including cellist Yo-Yo Ma, pianist Manny Ax and mezzo-soprano, Stephanie Blythe. New Tanglewood Tales: Backstage with Rising Artists - Episode 4 airs Friday, July 3rd at 7:30pm on WTVP-HD 47.1. [Watch Preview]

The National Mall
America’s Front Yard

The National Mall, looking east from the Washington Monument.

The United States National Mall, set in the heart of Washington, DC, is a place unlike any other on earth, and its history is equally fascinating. This special reveals the surprising and inspiring story of the Mall’s evolution. The National Mall – America’s Front Yard airs Friday, July 3rd at 8:00pm on WTVP-HD 47.1. [Watch Clip]

Great Performances
Annie Lennox
Nostalgia Live in Concert

Great Performances – Annie Lennox: Nostalgia Live in Concert

Throughout her four-decade career, music superstar Annie Lennox has defied categorization. In her latest album, Nostalgia, Lennox reveals yet another dimension to her formidable talent. Although jazz is not the genre for which she is best known, she could no longer resist the magnetic pull of some of the most memorable melodies and lyrics from the American Songbook. Great Performances: Annie Lennox: Nostalgia Live in Concert airs Friday, July 3rd at 9:00pm on WTVP-HD 47.1.