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At Issue

Pere Marquette Change

On the next At Issue, a discussion on the possible funding cuts for HIV/AIDS programs in central Illinois and more. Erin Johnson, HIV Counselor/Educator for the McLean County Health Department; Pam Briggs, Director of the Heart of Illinois HIV/AIDS Center at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria; Staci Wolfe, Executive Director of Central Illinois Friends; and Chris Wade, who has been living with HIV for 23 years, talk about the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, expanded treatment options, support services and how possible future budget cuts would affect those efforts.

HIV / AIDS airs:

  • Thursday at 8:30pm on WTVP-HD 47.1
  • Friday at 8:30pm on WTVP-WORLD 47.2
  • Sunday at 4:30pm on WTVP-HD 47.1
Masterpiece Classic
Wolf Hall
Episode 5

Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell

With Anne pregnant again and away from court, Henry begins to take notice of Jane Seymour. Anne hears of this and threatens Cromwell to make terms with her before her son is born. But has she overplayed her cards? The encore of Masterpiece Classic: Wolf Hall - Episode 5 airs Thursday, May 7th at 9:00pm on WTVP-HD 47.1. [Watch Clip]

*Due to the non-standard length of Wolf Hall - Episode 5 (1hour and 3 minutes), Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History will start at 10:05pm.

Henry and Anne
The Lovers
Who Changed History

Episode One

Trixie (Helen George) kissing Tom (Jack Ashton) on the cheek.

Traces the tumultuous relationship between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn to determine what brought the couple together, and what ultimately tore them apart. This two-part series argues against many of the established theories and notions about Henry and Anne, telling a very different story of their tragic marriage. Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History - Episode 1 premieres Thursday, May 7th at 10:05pm on WTVP-HD 47.1.