At Issue 2010-2011 Season


WTVP’s ongoing, locally produced public affairs program. Hosted by series producer H Wayne Wilson, this weekly show provides an in-depth, up-to-the-minute exploration of issues that are important to the people of Central Illinois. One week might feature a look at educational initiatives, another might focus on community issues, while still another might give viewers a chance to ask questions of our elected officials.

All AT ISSUE programs provide vital information to our viewers—from efforts to revitalize neighborhoods to joint cooperation between governmental units to riverfront development on both sides of the Illinois River. AT ISSUE is just one more way that WTVP 47 serves you through public television.

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H Wayne Wilson

H Wayne Wilson, Host/Producer of "At Issue"


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Full Episode Listings

#2328 "River Siltation and its Impact on the Gulf" Play Video

River Siltation and its Impact on the Gulf

Episode #2328

Program Air Date: 04/14/2011


One past method to reduce siltation in rivers and streams has been to build detention ponds, which require periodic dredging. The result has been less sediment reaching New Orleans, and the disappearance of barrier islands that protect Louisiana from hurricanes. A new method, pioneered in Bloomington, will allow controlled release of sediment. A researcher who has studied the impact of sediment in the Gulf of Mexico will discuss the importance of river siltation.


  • Dr. Denise Reed - Univ. of New Orleans Professor

#2327 "City Manager" Play Video

City Manager

Episode #2327

Program Air Date: 03/31/2011


A discussion with the newly named city manager on topics from budget shortfalls to possible consolidation of services. His term begins in April.


  • Patrick Urich - Future Peoria City Manager

#2326 "Mental Health" Play Video

Mental Health

Episode #2326

Program Air Date: 03/24/2011


A discussion on the evolution of mental health services, including a mental health court, since the closing of Zeller Mental Health Center.


  • Dr. Ryan Finkenbine - UICOMP Clinical Psychiatry Dept. Chair

  • Dr. Arun Pinto - Human Service Center Medical Director

  • Dave Leitch - State Representative (Peoria)

#2325 "Assessing Racial Equality" Play Video

Assessing Racial Equality

Episode #2325

Program Air Date: 02/24/2011


In celebrating Black History Month, this program will compare racial equality of the 1960s and today. It will include a discussion of the importance of role models, plus the impact of re-writing history.


  • Don Jackson - State NAACP President

  • Larry Ivory - National Black Chamber of Commerce VP

  • John Elliott - Bloomington Normal NAACP 1st VP

#2324 "Gambling Addiction" Play Video

Gambling Addiction

Episode #2324

Program Air Date: 02/17/2011


With the state having considered a large expansion of gambling (yet to pass the legislature), this program will discuss the growing number of gambling addicts in Illinois, including comments from a woman who went through treatment for a gambling addiction.


  • Phil Scherer - Director, Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery

  • Tonya Camacho - Lead Counselor, Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery

  • Diane Kurtz - Alumna of Gambling Counseling at IIAR

  • "George" - Gamblers Anonymous

#2323 "State Treasurer"

State Treasurer

Episode #2323

Program Air Date: 02/10/2011


State Treasurer Dan Rutherford will discuss the closing of offices, possible consolidation of the treasurer's and comptroller's offices, and the state budget crisis.


  • Dan Rutherford - Illinois Treasurer

#2322 "Health Concerns" Play Video

Health Concerns

Episode #2322

Program Air Date: 02/03/2011


Peoria County is ranked first in health resources but 73rd in health problems in the state. Health providers will discuss approaches to three major health concerns in central Illinois - obesity, oral health and reproductive health.


  • Greg Chance - Peoria County Health Dept. Administrator

  • Farrell Davies - Heartland Community Health Clinic CEO

#2321 "Reagan 100th Birthday" Play Video

Reagan 100th Birthday

Episode #2321

Program Air Date: 01/27/2011


An interview with the curator of the Reagan Museum at Eureka College and two Reagan scholars, plus video of items from the Reagan Museum as we approach the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Ronald Reagan - February 6, 1911.


  • Annelise Anderson - Reagan Scholar

  • Martin Anderson - Reagan Scholar

  • Dr. Brian Sajko - Reagan Museum Curator

#2320 "Education Reform" Play Video

Education Reform

Episode #2320

Program Air Date: 01/20/2011


The state legislature created an eight-member committee to review education needs in. Advance Illinois has developed recommendations for the state’s legislators and education leaders to improve education for every young person. The three panelists will offer their opinions as to what changes should be made to the state's educational system.


  • Dr. Gerald Brookhart - Peoria County Regional Superintendent of Schools

  • Jehan Gordon - 92nd District State Representative

  • Robin Steans - Advance Illinois Executive Director

#2318 "Death Penalty" Play Video

Death Penalty

Episode #2319

Program Air Date: 01/13/2011


A discussion about of the Death Penalty in the State of Illinois.


  • Sen. Dale Risinger (R) - Illinois 37th District

  • Jeremy Schroeder - Illinois Coalition for the Abolition of the Death Penalty

#2318 "Local Food #2" Play Video

Local Food #2

Episode #2318

Program Air Date: 01/06/2011


Discussion on food safety, the role of local food in the regional economy, the Food System Work Group, organic farming advantages/disadvantages, working with governmental bodies and marketing (Buy Local, Buy Fresh publication).


  • Elaine Sebald - Bloomington Farmers Market Manager

  • Wes King - Illinois Stewardship Alliance Policy Coordinator

  • Dave Bishop - PrairiErth Farm Owner

#2317 "Local Food #1" Play Video

Local Food #1

Episode #2317

Program Air Date: 12/30/2010


Discussion on the economics of local food, the efforts/need for a food processing plant, farm to table vertical integration efforts, 4% growth in new farms from 2002 - 2007 and how small farms can reverse the greenhouse gas impact of large farms (U. S. agriculture accounts for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions)


  • Terra Brockman - Land Connection Founder

  • Viktor Schrader - Normal Farmers Market Manager

  • Ken Myszka - Epiphany Farms Enterprise

#2316 "Peoria Airport" Play Video

Peoria Airport

Episode #2316

Program Air Date: 12/23/2010


A video tour conducted by Tyler Setchell, Airport Operations Director, of the new terminal at the Gen. Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport, and studio discussion with the Director of Airports on possible new destinations, full body scanners, the old terminal, etc.


  • Gene Olson - Director of Airports

#2315 "Caterpillar " Play Video


Episode #2315

Program Air Date: 12/16/2010


A visit with the recently retired Chair and CEO of Caterpillar, Inc.


  • Jim Owens - Retired Chair/CEO, Caterpillar, Inc.

#2314 "Bloomington and Normal Mayors" Play Video

Bloomington and Normal Mayors

Episode #2314

Program Air Date: 12/09/2010


A discussion with the Mayors of Bloomington and Normal on topical issues of the day.


  • Steve Stockton - Mayor of Bloomington

  • Chris Koos - Mayor of Normal

#2313 "Giving Thanks" Play Video

Giving Thanks

Episode #2313

Program Air Date: 11/25/2010


Giving Thanks to those organizations that tend to be overlooked.


  • Judy Oakford - Kids Connected, Peoria

  • Jim Bateman - Community Builders Foundation, Peoria

  • Kevin Curtin - Garfield Primary School, Peoria

  • Cindy Gilmer - Human Service Center Outpatient Services

  • Mike O'Donnell - East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging

#2312 "Peoria NEXT" Play Video

Peoria NEXT

Episode #2312

Program Air Date: 11/18/2010


A discussion with the leaders of the Peoria NEXT Innovation Center and the Bradley Technology Commercialization Center on how it assists high tech start-up businesses succeed.


  • Shad Sleeth - Exec. Dir., Bradley Technology Commercialization Center

  • Harry Rowland - Co-founder, Endotronix

#2311 "Tazewell Governmentsr" Play Video

Tazewell Governments

Episode #2311

Program Air Date: 11/11/2010


A discussion with four governmental leaders on budgets, unfunded state mandates and economic development in Washington, East Peoria, Pekin and Tazewell County.


  • David Zimmerman - Tazewell County Board Chair

  • Dave Mingus - East Peoria Mayor

  • Gary Manier - Washington Mayor

  • Rusty Dunn - Pekin Mayor

#2310 "Peoria City Mayor" Play Video

Peoria City Mayor

Episode #2310

Program Air Date: 11/04/2010


A discussion with the mayor of the city of Peoria. Topics the mayor of Peoria will address are the city's budget shortfall, his plan for unified government, the impact of a city manager who is looking for a position outside the city and his proposal for a concealed gun carry law in Peoria.


  • Jim Ardis - Mayor of Peoria

#2309 "18th Congressional District Election" Play Video

18th Congressional District Election

Episode #2309

Program Air Date: 10/28/2010  (60 minutes)


A discussion with the three candidates for the 18th Congressional District election


  • Aaron Schock (R) - 18th District Congressman

  • D. K. Hirner (D) - 18th District Candidate

  • Sheldon Schafer (G) - 18th District Candidate

#2308 "Supreme Court Justice Retention Vote" Play Video

Supreme Court Justice Retention Vote

Episode #2308

Program Air Date: 10/21/2010


Illinois Supreme Court Justice Thomas Kilbride, representing the 3rd district, will discuss issues regarding his retention vote.


  • Thomas Kilbride - Justice, Illinois Supreme Court

#2307 "92nd District House Election" Play Video

92nd District House Election

Episode #2307

Program Air Date: 10/14/2010


Candidates for the 92nd Illinois House District will discuss the issues.


  • Jehan Gordon (D) - 92nd House District Representative

  • Jim Montelongo (R) - 92nd House District Candidate

#2306 "91st District House Election" Play Video

91st District House Election

Episode #2306

Program Air Date: 10/07/2010


Candidates for the 91st Illinois House District will discuss the issue.


  • Mike Smith (D) - 91st District Representative

  • Mike Unes (R) - 91st District Candidate

#2305 "Medical Innovations II" Play Video

Medical Innovations II

Episode #2305

Program Air Date: 09/30/2010


A look at medical innovations at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Methodist Medical Center and the U of I College of Medicine at Peoria. Medical advancements at three medical institutions in Peoria, including cancer research, radiation therapy called Trilogy, robotic surgery and endobronchial ultrasound.


  • Dr. Sara Rusch - Dean, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria

  • Sue Wozniak - COO, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

  • Jeanine Spain - VP, Patient Care Services, Methodist Medical Center

#2304 "Medical Innovations I" Play Video

Medical Innovations I

Episode #2304

Program Air Date: 09/23/2010


A look at medical innovations at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Methodist Medical Center and the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria. Medical innovations at three leading medical institutions in Peoria, including a simulation lab, radiation therapy called Tomotherapy, robotic surgery and advanced mammography.


  • Dr. Sara Rusch - Dean, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria

  • Keith Steffen - Pres/CEO, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

  • Debbie Simon - COO, Methodist Medical Center

#2303 "Combating Crime" Play Video

Combating Crime

Episode #2303

Program Air Date: 09/16/2010


Leaders in law enforcement look at ways to reduce crime despite tough economic times. Topics will include new techniques for controlling crime, how successful they are, current sources of crime (drugs, gangs, etc.), the role of residents working in conjunction with officers, preventive methods for limiting future crime and how much of an issue there is with the mental health of inmates.


  • Steve Settingsgaard - Peoria Police Chief

  • Randy McKinley - Bloomington Police Chief

  • Mike Emery - McLean County Sheriff

  • Mike McCoy - Peoria County Sheriff

#2302 "District 150 Superintendent" Play Video

District 150 Superintendent

Episode #2302

Program Air Date: 09/09/2010


An interview with new Peoria District 150 Superintendent Dr. Grenita Lathan


  • Dr. Grenita Lathan - Peoria District 150 Superintendent

#2301 "Neighborhood Watershed Management" Play Video

Neighborhood Watershed Management

Episode #2301

Program Air Date: 09/02/2010


A discussion on a new method of watershed management in neighborhoods that incorporates what is called a detention bridge and specialized prairie grasses.


  • Don Roseboom - Hydrologist

  • Amy Walkenbach - Illinois EPA Watershed Manager

  • Neil Finlen - Farnsworth Project Manager

  • Dave Lamb - City of Bloomington Horticulturist

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