Second Grade - Third Place

A Journal from Mea
   by Jillian Runyon

Dear Journal, dear friend,

My name is Mea. I am nine years old. I live in a one-story house. My family is poor. I have only one doll of my own. Her name is Jessica. She can talk! At least, thatís what I think!

Jessica is the only special thing I have. My parents work for a lady that lives in a big house. I donít like her. Sheís mean. I know itís not nice to say that but she always yells at someone. Iíll try to think better thoughts someday, but right now I just canít!

People say I am shy. My parents gave me this journal to put my thoughts. Iím glad because I like to write about memories in my life.

Remember my doll, Jessica? I like to brush her hair. Jessicaís best clothes are her lavender gown and slippers. Sometimes, I pick wild violets so I can put them in her hair.

I am happy that every night I can walk to my chest, take this journal out, and write about anything I want. Did you know what Jessica just said? She said sheís rich. I wish I were rich too! Itís getting late now. Iíll write tomorrow. Goodnight, my friend.

Dear Journal, dear friend,

It doesnít seem possible that so many years have passed. We have been such good friends. You helped me through my parentís divorce. It helps to write about sad happenings.

But, hereís good news≠ - theyíre back together again! How wonderful for our family,

especially since tomorrow is my 16th birthday. Our family being together is the best present I could ever receive!

Hereís another secret, Iím not poor anymore. Hurray! My grandparents passed on and left us money, as they put it, ďto love and learn byĒ.

Oh, Iím on the last page! It seems I still have more words left in my heart. I must say goodnight now -


P.S. Maybe Iíll get a new journal tomorrow - what memories will fill my heart and spill onto the new pages? Please, dear journal, come with me!