Second Grade - Second Place

The Brave Cat and the Bear
   by Katherine Kessler

I had a cat Sid but he died two years ago. Sid was a good cat. He also was a brave cat. This is a story about Sid and a bear.

One day my grandma was taking a walk in the woods. My cat Sid always liked to follow her on walks. When they got to a stream, Sid suddenly stopped and started making strange noises. Then he stood on his hind legs with his front paws up in the air. Grandma thought he was acting very strangely.

She turned around and she saw a huge bear. It was a Black Bear. It was taller than my grandma. Grandma was scared but she knew she should make lots of noise and walk backwards. My cat Sid didnít run away he just stood in front of my grandma and hissed at the bear. My grandma was surprised that Sid would do that.

When she got out of the woods to go back up the road to the house, Sid saw her going so he followed her. When my grandma got to the top of the hill, all of a sudden, Sid stopped and got back up on hind legs. The bear had taken a shortcut through the woods.

Again Sid growled and tried to look scary. This time Grandma was very nervous. She didnít know if the bear was interested in her or in the cat. She didnít run but she walked quickly up the road to her house. Luckily, she made it home safely.

Sid followed her home that day, but a few weeks later Grandma found him on her porch hurt. She never knew what happened to him. Later that summer Grandma saw the bear at her bird feeder and by the blueberry bushes.