Third Grade - Third Place

Flora Fights Back
   by Stephanie Wu

Flora was a cat who loved school. She was liked by many.

Unfortunately Louise and Priscilla showed up. They ridiculed kittens for fun by calling them names and spreading false rumors.

At recess, Louise grabbed the ball away from Flora and threw it purposefully at her head. None of the other cats were bold enough to stand up to them. Flora was left alone.

Running laps around the blacktop, Flora suddenly tripped and fell. As she stood up Priscilla and Louise mocked, “Well, well, what have we here?! A little baby fell down? Ha! Ha! Ha!”

That night Flora had a nightmare it revisited the accounts of earlier that day. She cried out. This woke her parents. Nothing could console her.

The next morning she sought her teacher’s help. She advised her to ignore the bullies and just walk away.

Later Flora went to the principal’s office and confided in her. Being logical the principal said, “Try to reason with them. I’m sure they’ll come around.”

After school the bullies taunted her. She tried to reason with them, they called her a “sissy.” She tried to ignore them and they chased her down until she started to cry.

Her dad wanted Flora to fight back. Her mom disagreed and advised her to surround herself with a fortress of friends. Although she wanted to follow their advice, the bullies had spread rumors about her and everyone was afraid to go near Flora.

Flora was walking to school and a wise turtle commented, “Don’t let your sorrows drown your happiness.” The sage replied after hearing her story, “Happiness comes from within and believing in yourself. Don’t let others bring you down.”

Flora took this to heart; although Bullies tried to bother her, she did not respond to them. Soon they found that it was not fun to taunt her anymore.

When her classmates saw her bravery they cheered. Flora had stood up to them and now no one had to be afraid of the Bullies anymore.