Second Grade - Second Place

Elizabeth Lohnes
My Puppy Cinnamon: A Scrapbook of Memories

Dedicated to Mrs. Hootman and Cinnamon

One morning, I looked out my bedroom window. I couldnít find my cute little puppy, Cinnamon. I knew he had stayed out all night in our front yard because he was getting bigger. Where could that little puppy be?

Cinnamon was two months old. He was growing so quickly. His ears were getting bigger, his stubby little legs were growing, his tail was getting longer, and his teeth were getting bigger too! His big brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight. I loved this puppy that had come to be part of our family.

I went to school. I kept wondering what had happened to Cinnamon.

All through the day Cinnamonís little face kept popping up in my mind.

That afternoon my mom picked me up from school. As I was getting in the van, she said that she had something to tell me. She told me that the coyotes had killed our little Cinnamon. I burst into tears. I was so sad. I cried all the way home.

When I got home, I got to see Cinnamon for the last time. I smoothed his ruffled fur and then I helped bury him.

It was a sad day for all of us. I will never forget Cinnamon. He will always remain in my heart.

Authorís Note:

Hi, I am Elizabeth Lohnes. I really used to have a dog named Cinnamon. He was cute, but now we have a new puppy for me to love on. We named her Honey because she is the color of honey. She knows how to sit and come. Now you know my life with my puppies.