Third Grade - Third Place

Hope Fairchild
The Refrigerator Tale, A Fable

One day the girls were saying mean things about the boys. Here’s what they said. Lucy said, “Bobbie Broccoli’s hair looks like peas and his body looks like a stringy bean.” “Lets call him a Stringy Bean and Peas Boy,” Sallie said. All the girls agreed with Sallie. Here are the names they made up for Tom and Matt. Matt’s is Grassy Head and Tom’s is Lettuce and Corn Stalk Head. The girls thought it was funny, but Hope was watching them the whole time.

Hope told Bobbie, Matt, and Tom about the things Sallie, Lucy, and Casey were doing. She told them to be mean to the girls. So the boys made a plan of what to do to the girls. They also set up mean traps and planned mean names, too.

The next day the boys carried out their plan. The girls were steaming with anger! They didn’t know who did it, so they had a meeting with Hope. Hope explained what happened, but the girls would make a plan for the boys, too.

The boys were mad, so they had a meeting with everyone even the girls. Hope told them they were being bad. The boys understood now. So did the girls. They were amazed what calling people names could start.

So from then on, Hope was called “Hope the Helpful Hotdog”, for short “Hope H.H.” Hope H.H. helped the foods with their problems and questions. Hope H.H. was the best known food in the fridge! The end.