Second Grade - Third Place

Mary Keenan
Changing Bug Rooms

The Copper butterfly family has agreed to let the Wolf caterpillar family redecorate their children’s rooms.

The Coppers live on Gardenmont Lane. They share their street with 10 other bug families, Flyswatter Elementary School and Honeysuckle Park.

Let’s meet the Copper family. There is B.B. bug, a cute 18-month-old baby. There is brother Joe Joe who is 5 years old and in kindergarten at Flyswatter Elementary School. The Copper mom is Terri along with dad Gary.

Both of the Copper children share a room. Joe Joe has a big bed while B.B. bug sleeps in a crib by the window. The room is often messy which upsets Mrs. Cooper a great deal. When she’s upset she pulls on her antennae.

Daddy Longlegs and Rose Wolf have two children, Kate and Jake. Grandma Mary lives with them as well.

Kate and Jake have their own rooms. Kate is in the 2nd grade and Jake is in the 4th grade at Flyswatter Elementary School.

Kate is an artist and she loves to surround herself with color, but as you can see her room is rather dull. She has to draw on the floor because her desk is full of paper.

Please help change Kate’s room. Add color and move furniture around to create the perfect “Artist’s Area”.

Jake loves sports. He plays on the Little Slugs soccer and baseball teams. Grandma Mary wants things picked up so she doesn’t trip over them. “I have too many left feet”, she says.

As you can see, Jake’s room could use some organizing.

Style Jake’s room to match his personality. He would like his room to be the “Sports Spot” for he and his friends.

At 4:00 p.m. that afternoon, the Copper and Wolf families are excited to see their new rooms. B.B. bug and Joe Joe are happy with their new room.

Kate and Jake love the colors of their rooms. They especially like their new bedspreads.

To celebrate, the Copper family brings roasted sunflower seeds for an outdoor picnic with the Wolfs.