Third Grade - Second Place

Michelle Gray
 The Penguin Family: A Tale of a Lifetime

Once there was a family of four penguins who lived in a small igloo in Antarctica. Their names were Carla (the mother), Tim (the father), Alisa (the daughter), and Melony (the baby daughter.)

The igloo was made of snow bricks. It has snow furniture on the inside. There was a couch, a rocking chair, a table and chairs, and cabinets. When they built the igloo, they put a hole in the floor to escape from enemies.

The penguins were a happy family until one day when a polar bear found their home. The polar bear was hungry and wanted something to eat. His favorite food was to eat penguins.

“I smell penguins in this igloo,” roared the bear.

“Oh no, a polar bear has found us,” said Alisa.

Baby Melony started to cry. The polar bear stuck his nose in the front door of the igloo. The polar bear could not get in. He started to scratch the door with his front paws and made his way in.

“Quick, jump through the hole and we can make our escape now,” yelled Tim. “Honey, grab the baby.”

Alisa held on to her mother’s flipper and they all jumped into the hole one by one.

The polar bear started to destroy the house by stomping on it. He didn’t know they escaped.

The penguin family started to swim to shore. They had relatives near by and asked if they could stay for the night. The relatives said yes, they could stay.

The polar bear totally destroyed the igloo. He dug up the house, but found no penguins. He was so mad; he made a big roar and then left.

The next day, the penguin family made a new igloo. Their relatives helped them. They cut the snow bricks out with their flippers and patted them together. They made another hole in the floor to make an escape route.

The penguin family had a party to celebrate their new home.

The End