Kindergarten - Third Place

Stephanie Bivens
Stephanie and the Lizard

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I love to ski.

One day while I was skiing I saw a lizard skiing downhill. I raced to catch him.

I asked him why a lizard is in the snow! He said that a mean witch was trying to turn him into a man.

He loves being a lizard. He loves his pretty green scales, his short tail, and his long tongue.

He DOES NOT want to be a man. So Stephanie decided to help the lizard. She had an idea!

They went back to the witch’s castle on top of the mountain.

Aha! Screams the witch. She pulls out her magic wand and starts the evil spell.

Stephanie pulls out a mirror and puts it in front of her lizard friend.

The witch’s spell is sent right back to the witch who is turned into a man instead.

The witch screams and leaves never bothering the lizard again.

Stephanie and the lizard live happily ever after.

The End