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World and Create TV on Separate Channels
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WTVP to Broadcast World and Create TV on Separate Channels Starting in July

Lidia Bastianich holding a bowl of pasta.
Create TV: Emmy Award-winning TV host, restaurateur and author Lidia Bastianich. Photo credit Breadstick Productions

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WTVP is pleased to announce that it will begin broadcasting the popular World and Create TV content on separate channels. Effective July 1, 2020, World will broadcast 24/7 at 47.3 and Create TV will broadcast at 47.4. In the past, abbreviated content from both channels was broadcast at 47.3.

The flagship WTVP HD (47.1) and PBS Kids (47.2) channels will not be affected by this move.

“We are excited for all of our WTVP viewers, but especially those who value the unique lifestyle and news offerings on Create TV and World,” said WTVP’s President and CEO, Lesley Matuszak. “Viewers and members told us they wanted access to the full slate of Create TV and World programs. We have been able to deliver with technology upgrades made possible by gifts from major donors.”

A gift to WTVP from local philanthropists Sid and Flo Banwart was pivotal in purchasing the technology to make the additional channels possible.

Beginning in July, Create TV and World programming will double. Instead of one channel airing only half of the available daily programming (Create TV in the morning, World in the evening), each will have its own 24/7 home. That means twice the home improvement, gardening, cooking and travel shows of Create TV, and twice the news, documentaries, business, history and in-depth reporting of World.

P. Allen Smith standing with sunflowers and tomatoes.
Create TV: Host and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith. Photo courtesy of Hortus, Ltd

In addition to the overall expansion of programming, the move delivers a wealth of educational content for young people and adults. Specifically, World offers a daily, five-hour At Home Learning block featuring the best documentaries tied to online PBS LearningMedia resources.

Viewers who receive the WTVP signal over the air you will need to “rescan” their television or converter control box to pick up the new 47.4 signal. It only takes a few minutes. Using the TV remote, just choose SCAN or AUTOTUNE from the TV or converter box control menu. Those who receive the stations on cable do not have rescan, but should check with the cable provider to get the channel number assignment.

Technology upgrades allow WTVP to broadcast up to five digital signals from its transmitter in East Peoria. In conjunction with area school districts, WTVP is planning for WTVP REMOTE, a fifth channel dedicated solely to a remote learning. This venture will be funded by educational entities and will be accessible to all students throughout the station’s 20-county broadcast area.



Lesley Matuszak WTVP President and CEO - / 309-453-0405

About WTVP

WTVP’s mission is to enrich our community in engaging and relevant ways using public media and outreach efforts. The station is an essential source for education, scientific, entertainment, and cultural content that connects Central Illinois on a local and world level. Generous membership donations and business underwriting are what make this mission and vision possible. An investment in WTVP is an investment in our community. Learn more at or call 309-677-4747.

About World Channel

World shares the best of public media in news, documentaries and fact-based informational programming to help viewers understand other people and places. There is news from PBS NewsHour, BBC World News and DW The Day, along with documentaries on POV, NOVA, Frontline and original content from WTVP. Educational content for grades 6 through 12 is offered daily. World enjoys 33.4 million viewers annually and is available on 174 stations nationwide.

About Create TV

Launched in 2006, Create TV serves an ever-increasing demand for do-it-yourself programming, including viewer-favorite public television series and specials on food, travel, home and garden, arts and crafts, fitness and other lifestyle interests. The programs are from American Public Television (APT), The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), and a handful of local public television stations. Create TV reaches more than 86% of U.S. television households, with 44 million viewers annually nationwide.

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