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WTVP Program Schedules

 Programming Highlights

Music | November 2021
Membership Drive | Nov. Dec.  2021
Thanksgiving Shows
My Journey With Annie Malone,Peoria’s First Black Female Millionaire
NOVA: The Universe
Programming Highlights | November 2021
Masterpiece: Sunday Night Drama
Nature: Wild Wednesdays | November 2021
Native American Heritage Programming
Antiques Roadshow | November 2021
Charlie Brown Holiday Specials
State & Water Season 6

Local Programs

Local Programs
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  • Doug Hoerr: Landscape Architect
  • The Illinois River, A Documentary Series
  • The Illinois River Series Poster
  • Grand View Drive
  • Springdale Cemetery: Memories of a Lifetime
  • At Issue with H Wayne Wilson
  • Consider This Poster
  • Business Forward with Matt George
  • A Shot of Ag with Rob "The SharkFarmer" Sharkey
  • Leadership Lessons for Home, Work and Life
  • State & Water Poster
  • What is it??
  • From the Horse's Mouth
  • Word of the Week
  • November 17th, Finding Strength After the Storm
  • The Golden Pumpkin, Celebrating 50 years on the vine
  • From Distilleries to Stills: Prohibition In Peoria