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This is the story of Mexican workers recruited in the early 1900s to work the railroads in Galesburg, Illinois. Mexico was torn by a bloody civil war and many American men had gone off to fight in World War I. The railroad companies looked south, offering displaced Mexicans a job and a place to raise a family … a home in the form of a boxcar.


Using historic film and photos and original testimonials, the film tells the tale of a proud people with strong  traditions and deep faith who came to love their adopted country. Boxcar People is a truly inspiring story of immigrants rising up against all odds. It sheds light upon a rarely heard story of the Midwest’s Mexican population in context of American history, and puts a face on generations of immigrants who have built this country, but still struggle for acceptance and civil rights. 

Written and produced by: 
Will and Luz Schick

Executive Producer:
William Baker

Original music by:
Daniel Godsil

Boxcars being converted
Chillicothe Santa-Fe Track Crew
Boxcar homes at Davis Camp
Man walking with a paper sack at Davis Camp
Section Gang

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