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Business Forward with Matt George

Travel back to 1894, when visionary Peoria leaders began shaping a collection of private and city-operated parks into what is now Illinois’ oldest and largest public park district. Using historical photographs, landscape drawings and interviews, Peoria’s Playground: A History of the Peoria Park District, tells a fascinating story of perseverance, vision and a commitment to conservation and recreation that is still thriving today.

This compelling narrative includes the founding and development of Glen Oak Park, the Peoria Zoo, Laura Bradley Park, Grand View Drive, golf courses, recreation facilities and other well-known venues that have enhanced the Peoria area quality of life for more than a century. Along the way, you will learn how societal and lifestyle changes have transformed the purpose and place of public parks in our daily lives.

You may never again see your favorite park the same — or appreciate it more — after taking this enlightening and inspiring journey.

Water Color Postcard of the Pavilion, Glen Oak Park
Pavilion, Glen Oak Park
Water Color Postcard of the Conservatory, Glen Oak Park
Conservatory, Glen Oak Park
Water Color Postcard of the Japanese Bridge, Bradley Park
Japanese Bridge, Bradley Park
Water Color Postcard of the Lake and Bridge, Glean Oak Park
Lake and Bridge, Glen Oak Park

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