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WTVP | Programs

Holiday Specials | December 2021

From symphonies and angelic choirs to your old pal Charlie Brown and a Call the Midwife holiday special, WTVP is set to put you in the spirit of the season. So sit back, grab a mug of hot chocolate and celebrate the best of the holidays with family and friends.


WTVP | Programs

Programming Highlights | December 2021

Plan your December viewing to catch programs that educate, entertain and inspire all ages. Oh wait, that includes all the programs on WTVP. If you make room in your schedule for these choices and many more and you're sure to have the most rewarding December ever. 

American Veteran

WTVP | Local Production

My Journey With Annie Malone

The story of one-time Peoria resident Annie Turnbo Malone is known outside the community she once called home, but many in Central Illinois have never heard of her entrepreneurial journey.

American Veteran

WTVP | Programs

December Membership Drive

Here are a few highlights of the special musical performances, dramas and local productions coming your way during WTVP's November/December membership drive. Join us throughout the drive for new programs and favorites you won't seen anywhere else, plus special offers and gifts. Your support makes it all possible!

 Programming Highlights

Red Barn with Snow. Programming Highlights | December 2021
Forbidden City. NOVA | December 2021
Coming Soon
Note from the President and CEO
Snow Man. Holiday Specials
Note from the Station Manager
Elk. Nature | Wildlife Wednesdays
Note from the Chairman

 Local Programs

Local Programs
Poster grid description
  • My Journey with Annie Malone
  • Doug Hoerr: Landscape Architect
  • The Illinois River, A Documentary Series
  • The Illinois River Series Poster
  • Lydia: Ahead of Her Time
  • Grand View Drive
  • Springdale Cemetery: Memories of a Lifetime
  • At Issue with H Wayne Wilson
  • Consider This Poster
  • Business Forward with Matt George
  • A Shot of Ag with Rob "The SharkFarmer" Sharkey
  • Leadership Lessons for Home, Work and Life
  • State & Water Poster
  • What is it??
  • From the Horse's Mouth
  • Word of the Week
  • From Distilleries to Stills: Prohibition In Peoria