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Black History Month | Family dressed in traditional clothes

WTVP-HD | Programs

Black History Month

WTVP is proud to honor the impact and legacy Black culture has had on our country. From a college class doing more than just talking about change to exploring The Black Church.

Stained Glass | The Black Church

WTVP-HD | Programs

The Black Church

The Black Church: This is Our Story, This is Our Song reveals how African Americans have worshiped and found ways to bring their faith traditions from Africa to the New World.

Red Curtin & Photos of Programs | Masterpiece in February , Miss Scarlet and the Duke & The Long Song

WTVP-HD | Programs

Masterpiece in February

Masterpiece continues to captivate and delight audiences with the tale of Victorian England’s first female sleuth and the story of the survival of a plantation slave named July.

New Britcoms | Mister Winner | Mum
Music - February 2021
Pumas - Nature
Nova Beyond the Elements

Local Programs

Local Programs
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  • Business Forward with Matt George
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  • Illinois Adventure Poster
  • The Illinois River Series Poster
  • PSO Musical Discoveries
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  • The Sinking of the Columbia Poster
  • Nature Returns to Emiquon Poster
  • Preserving Illinois Prairies
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