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Programming Highlights - January 2021 - Cold Snowy Field

WTVP-HD | Programs

Programming Highlights - January

What do the Peoria Symphony Orchestra, NFL cheerleaders, Prince Albert, Agatha Christi and Leana Horn have in common? They are among the programs on the WTVP schedule in January.

Nature & NOVA - Red Squirrel on a tree

WTVP-HD | Programs

Nature & NOVA in January

Through these fascinating programs you can climb the highest mountains, journey to the bottom of the sea, see the world in numbers, decode human DNA and get squirrelly.

Friday Night Music

WTVP-HD | Programs

Friday Night Music

Music is in the air throughout January, including a celebration of the New Year with Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), iconic concerts at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl and more.

PBS American Portrait - A Series made by you

WTVP-HD | Programs

PBS American Portrait

This unique, crowdsourced series turns stories filmed by everyday people into documentaries revealing what it really means to be American today.

MASTERPIECE - 50 Fabulous Years!
Creative Expression
Finding Your Roots - January 2021
PBS American Portrait - A Series Made by You.

Local Programs

Local Programs
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  • At Issue with H Wayne Wilson Poster
  • Business Forward with Matt George
  • State & Water Poster
  • Consider This Poster
  • Illinois Adventure Poster
  • The Illinois River Series Poster
  • PSO Musical Discoveries
  • PSO Sound Bites
  • The Sinking of the Columbia Poster
  • Nature Returns to Emiquon Poster
  • Rainbow Readers Poster
  • More