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Create TV | Weekend Marathons

Seasons are changing, so get creative and inspired with this month's Create TV marathons.

WTVP | Create TV

Ciao Italia | Oct 1 - 3

Mary Ann Esposito puts on a culinary master class in Italian cooking with recipes for scallops with spinach, ricotta gnocchi, lamb ragu, farfalle with kale sauce, mussel potato salad, strudel with saffron sauce and more!

WTVP | Create TV

Autumn Flavors | Oct 8 - 10

Ready for cider and hikes and everything pumpkin spice? Join Jacques Pepin, P. Allen Smith, Weekends With Yankee, the Jazzy Vegetarian and other Create experts for seasonal dishes, escapes and artistic expressions of autumn.

WTVP | Create TV

America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country: Favorite Foods Face-off | Oct 15 - 17

In this special showcase, the crews of America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country go head-to-head in a virtual cook-off, with each team offering their takes on chicken and biscuits, Italian-American classics, chocolate and more!

WTVP | Create TV

Field Trip | Oct 22 - 24

Follow along as chef Curtis Stone journeys to Italy, Australia and California for culinary inspiration, looking to recreate the spirit of these destinations at his restaurant in Beverly Hills.

WTVP | Create TV

Wild Harvest | Oct 29 - 31

Join Les Stroud, the star of TV’s Survivorman, as forages and harvests wild mushrooms, salad greens and spices before chef Paul Rogalski transforms the ingredients into a delicious three-course meal.