WTVP Building Dedication, September 5th, 2003

How to Contact WTVP

Our staff can help you with a variety of questions including our programming and membership to volunteering and outreach. As your PBS station we depend on your feedback, comments and suggestions. So tell us what you think!

Map & Directions to WTVP are located at the bottom of the page.
General CorrespondenceFinancial Correspondence
101 State Street
Peoria, IL 61602-1547
P.O. Box 1347
Peoria, IL 61654-1347
Phone, Fax, and EmailAdditional
phone icon(309) 677-4747
phone icon(800) 837-4747 (toll free)
fax icon(309) 677-4730 (fax)
email iconwtvpmail@wtvp.org
Development Department Memberships, Donations, Events, & WTVP|Passport
phone icon(309) 495-0547email icondevelopment@wtvp.org

Staff Directory

Lesley Matuszak
President & CEO
email iconlesley.matuszak@wtvp.org
phone icon309-677-4747
William Baker
Station Manager / Executive Producer
email iconwilliam.baker@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0530
Lin McLaughlin
Director of Finance / HR
email iconlin.mclaughlin@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0502
Luann Claudin
Director of Fundraising and Annual Giving
email iconluann.claudin@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0524
Marcia Bolden
Director of Philanthropic Relations
email iconmarcia.bolden@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0525
Angie Spears
Manager of Corporate Support
email iconangie.spears@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0561
Kathy Morgan
Development Assistant
email iconkathy.morgan@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0526
Kathy Withers
Development Assistant
email iconkathy.withers@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0504
Lyndsey Nimrick
Development Assistant
email iconlyndsey.nimricks@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0523
Jed Klabunde
Director of Programming
email iconjed.klabunde@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0552
John Myers
Traffic Manager
email iconjohn.myers@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0593
Marketing & Promotion
Julie Sanders
Director of Marketing & Community Relations
email iconjulie.sanders@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0591
Scott Fishel
Senior Communications Coordinator
email iconscott.fishel@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0598
Todd Pilon
Senior Producer
email icontodd.pilon@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0531
Tracy Simmons
Studio Supervisor
email icontracy.simmons@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0511
Alex Ferrel
Uplink Services Manager
email iconalex.ferrel@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0519
Satellite Uplink Services
email iconuplink@wtvp.org
phone icon309-696-5288
Jackie Luebcke
Operations Manager
email iconjackie.luebcke@wtvp.org
phone icon309-677-4747
Paul Coussens
Technical Specialist
email iconpaul.coussens@wtvp.org
phone icon309-677-4747
Dennis Shannon
Technical Specialist
email icondennis.shannon@wtvp.org
phone icon309-677-4747
Michelle Jacobs
Technical Specialist
email iconmichelle.jacobs@wtvp.org
phone icon309-677-4747
Information Technology / Digital Content
Mark Lasswell
Director of Information Technology / Digital Content
email iconmark.lasswell@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0592
Bill Porter
Chief Engineer / Consultant
email iconbill.porter@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0597
Jim Jordan
Senior Engineer / Consultant
email iconjim.jordan@wtvp.org
phone icon309-495-0596

Map & Directions

WTVP is located next to the Peoria downtown post office located on the Peoria Riverfront. Parking is available in the lot next to the WTVP Building, in the lot across from Kelleher's Irish Pub and Eatery, and additonal parking is located in the lot behind the WTVP Building.