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World | December Highlights

December World Channel themes include Native American Heritage and conservation, plus a special Stories from the Stage for the holidays.

WTVP | World: Tending Nature

Guarding Ancestral Grounds with the Wiyot Elder | Dec 7 @ 8p

When an energy developer proposed a wind project on a spiritual and gathering area, the Wiyot opposed the project's ecological disruption & rallied the community to defeat it.

WTVP | World: Tending Nature

Preserving the Desert with NALC | Dec 14 @ 8p

Native peoples have long lived in the desert and their understanding of the desert’s fragility has made them one of the region’s most outspoken protectors.

WTVP | World: Tending Nature

Reclaiming Agriculture w/the Yocha Dehe Wintun | Dec 21 @ 8p

The Yocha Dehe people have lived in California’s Capay Valley for more than 15,000 years, local food production and deep knowledge of plant diversity sustained them for millennia.

WTVP | World: Tending Nature

Cultivating Native Foodways w/Cultural Conservancy|Dec 28@8p

Commodification of food has led to a approach that has disconnected people from their food sources entirely, as modern, genetically modified foods put seed diversity at great risk.