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World | August Highlights

WORLD Channel shares the best of public media in news, documentaries, and fact-based informational programming. It presents original content, carefully curated programming and thoughtful film collections meant to engage and educate WTVP viewers like you.

WTVP | World

America ReFramed: Gentlemen of Vision | Aug 4 @ 7pm

Gentlemen of Vision follows a year in the life of coach, counselor and founder, Marlon Wharton, and his 2015-2016 class of young Black students.

WTVP | World

America ReFramed: Agents of Change | Aug 4 @ 7pm

Agents of Change looks at a pivotal moment when our nation was caught at the intersection of the Civil Rights, Black Power, and Anti-Vietnam War Movements.

WTVP | World

America ReFramed: Charlie vs. Goliath | Aug 18 @ 7pm

Former Catholic priest Charlie Hardy is 75 years old and has no money or political experience. But none of that dissuades him from running for the U.S. Senate in his home state.

WTVP | World

America ReFramed: Through the Repellent Fence| Aug 25 @ 7pm

Through the Repellent Fence follows the creation of a two-mile long ephemeral art installation by three Native American artists: collectively known as "Postcommodity."