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World | December Highlights

WORLD Channel shares the best of public media in news, documentaries and programming. The carefully curated themes and thoughtful film collections are meant to engage and educate WTVP viewers.


Why Slavery | Beginning Sun Dec 12th 

Five compelling documentaries about the estimated 40.3 million people who are currently living as slaves. WHY SLAVERY? ensures that everywhere, modern slavery is not only acknowledged, but brought to the fore of global political conversation.

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I Was a Yazidi Slave| Sun Dec 12 @ 9pm

In August 2014, Islamic State fighters invaded Yazidi settlements in northern Iraq. The Yazidi men were massacred; the young women were kidnapped and taken to Mosul. There they were paraded, selected, enslaved and tortured. 

world | america reframed

Brooklyn Inshallah | Tue Dec 14 @ 7pm

The Currys are raising twelve children, Father Khader El-Yateem, is campaigning to be New York City's first Arab American councilman. As a Lutheran Pastor and Palestinian American, El-Yateem's bid to make history reveals the aspirations and divisions of his multicultural district.

world | doc world

A Woman Captured | Sun Dec 19 @ 9pm

For 10 years, Marish has been kept as a housekeeper by Eta, a Hungarian woman. Marish toils unpaid seven days a week in exchange for meals, cigarettes and a couch to sleep on. Even money earned from an extra job as a cleaner in a factory must be handed over to Eta.

world | doc world

Selling Children | Sun Dec 26 @ 9pm

In India, millions of vulnerable children are bought and sold, given only what they need to survive one more day. SELLING CHILDREN follows the lives of children who have been denied a childhood - sold to work in mica mines, pick tea leaves at plantations, work as domestic helpers and sold as young brides.