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World | April Highlights

WORLD Channel presents carefully curated programming and thoughtful film collections meant to engage and educate.

The programming theme for April is Community, and WORLD will feature a collection of 45 films that explore the topic, including special programming on Earth Day (April 22). Other priority films for the month are noted below.

Vision Portraits - Blind man siting in a subway car

WTVP | World

AfroPoP | Mon April 5 @ 7p

"Mama Gloria" is a feature documentary about Gloria Allen, a 75-year-old Black trailblazing transgender activist who started a charm school for homeless trans youth and is now aging with joy and grace.

Enter the Faun - Man & Woman Dancing

WTVP | World

Stories From The Stage | Mondays @ 8:30p

Stories have the power to astonish us, make us laugh and cry, and open our hearts to the world. Hosted by Wes Hazard and Theresa Okokon, Stories from the Stage invites storytellers from around the world to share extraordinary tales of what it means to be human.

Deej - Student in Cap & Gown with a Diploma

WTVP | World

America ReFramed | Tues Mar 30 @ 7p

"Entangled" chronicles the efforts to protect North Atlantic right whales from extinction, the impacts of those efforts on the lobster industry, and how the National Marine Fisheries Service has struggled to balance the vying interests.