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Note from the President and CEO | July 2024

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Note from the President and CEO, Jenn Gordon


Growing up in central Illinois, I always looked forward to celebrating Independence Day. The whole community was coming together for a huge backyard barbecue. I remember waking up early as a young girl and wearing as much red, white, and blue clothing as possible before heading out with my family to attend the local parade. I remember being captivated by the soul-swelling patriotic music performed by our municipal band. I remember sitting on our picnic blanket with my family, watching the eye-popping fi reworks streak through the air with reverence. Our Independence Day traditions are important. They are fun and exciting and remind us to cherish and appreciate the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

At WTVP, we love doing our part to make your Independence Day celebration both meaningful and memorable. We are excited to bring you once again A Capitol Fourth — Celebrating America's Independence Day. For over 40 years, this television event has offered the best in American entertainment and helped set the tone for a spectacular American birthday party. This top-rated extravaganza features coverage from 20 cameras positioned around Washington, D.C., ensuring viewers are front and center for the nation's greatest fi reworks display!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who participated in our June Membership Drive. If this is your fi rst month as a member, welcome to WTVP! We hope you will consider us part of your family for many years to come.

Jenn Gordon, President and CEO