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April 2021 Highlights
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April showers bring May flowers, and this month is quite the example. WTVP showers you with a variety of quality entertainment throughout the month. 

American Masters 
Oliver Sacks His Own Life 

Dive into the life and work of the legendary neurologist and beloved author who was a fearless explorer of the brain and mind. Sacks redefined our understanding of the diversity of human experience and of our shared humanity.


  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Fri, 04/09/2021 @ 8 PM
  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Sat, 04/10/2021 @ 12 AM
  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Sun, 04/11/2021 @ 12 AM
American Masters

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

Explore the life and work of the legendary neurologist and storyteller Oliver Sacks.

Independent Lens

Down a Dark Stairwell | Trailer

Sometimes the quest for racial justice isn’t black and white.

Independent Lens 
Down the Dark Stairwell 

On a fall day in 2014, Peter Liang, a Chinese American police officer, shot and killed an innocent, unarmed black man named Akai Gurley. Unfolding in the dark stairwell of a Brooklyn housing project, the shooting inflamed the residents of New York City and thrust two marginalized communities into the criminal justice system together.


  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Mon, 04/12/2021 @ 9 PM
  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Tue, 04/13/2021 @ 12:30 AM
  • WTVP-WORLD 47.3 – Wed, 04/14/2021 @ 6:30 PM
  • WTVP-WORLD 47.3 – Wed, 04/14/2021 @ 11:30 PM WTVP-WORLD 47.3 – Thu, 04/15/2021 @ 7:30 AM
  • WTVP-WORLD 47.3 – Sat, 04/17/2021 @ 11 AM

Great Museums: 
The Art of Islam at the Met And The Louvre

Explore the splendor of Islamic art at The Met and The Louvre in GreatMuseums Television’s The Art of Islam at The Met and The Louvre: Foreign Yet Familiar. Narrated by Philippe de Montebello, Director Emeritus of The  Met, the one-hour special showcases extraordinary Islamic masterpieces, highlighting connections between Western and Islamic traditions in art, science and literature.


  • WTVP-REMOTE 47.2 – Fri, 04/16/2021 @ 3 PM
  • WTVP-REMOTE 47.2 – Sat, 04/17/2021 @ 12 AM
  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Sun, 04/18/2021 @ 6 PM

Second Wind: Tale of a Sailor

Follow award-winning nautical photographer Onne van der Wal as he completes a solo, hands-on restoration of a 1972 Pearson 36 sailboat. The film chronicles Onne's career racing large sailboats and photographing some of sailing’s most thrilling moments and shows how he draws upon the knowledge and tenacity he has gleaned from a lifetime at sea to refit his sailboat from stem to stern.


● WTVP-HD 47.1 – Mon, 04/26/2021 @ 10 PM

Philly DA
TUESDAY, APRIL 20 & 27, @ 8 PM

Independent Lens brings us the compelling multi-part series Philly D.A. Radical civil rights attorney Larry Krasner leads a band of activists attempting to end mass incarceration by taking over the agency at its center: the district attorney’s office. When Krasner unexpectedly wins the election, the series watches an unprecedented criminal justice experiment unfold and asks, “Can outsiders reform a system from within?”

Part 1 - April 20

The new Philadelphia District Attorney ousts resistant staff and uncovers a secret the police are desperate to hide. His team battles to obtain the complete police misconduct files while tensions boil over juvenile sentencing.


  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Tue, 04/20/2021 @ 8 PM
  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Wed, 04/21/2021 @ 12 AM


Part 2 - April 27

Candidate Krasner pledged never to seek the death penalty, but the murder of a police sergeant tests the D.A.'s resolve. Lives hang in the balance of the D.A.'s biggest decision yet — along with his credibility.


  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Tue, 04/27/2021 @ 8 PM
  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Wed, 04/28/2021 @ 12 AM

Philadelphia DA explores new role for arts in justice system

20 Miles a Glass 

20 Miles A Glass is a documentary about the nonprofit organization Wisdom Spring. The group works with high schools and their communities across the United States to bring clean drinking water to rural areas around the world. In the last decade, Wisdom Spring has installed more than 20 wells in Sub-Saharan Africa that provide clean, safe and accessible water for thousands of people in the region.


  • WTVP-REMOTE 47.2 – Fri, 04/09/2021 @ 1:30 PM
  • WTVP-REMOTE 47.2 – Fri, 04/09/2021 @ 9:30 PM
  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Mon, 04/20/2020 @ 10 PM
  • WTVP-HD 47.1 – Tue, 04/27/2021 @ 10 PM

Season 2

Aidan Turner stars as Ross Poldark, a redcoat who returns to Cornwall after battle to discover that his father is dead, his lands are ruined and his true love is engaged to another. Can Poldark change his destiny, restore his lost fortune and reclaim his love?

Episode 3 - April 1

Smugglers make Ross an offer. Ross makes Francis an offer. Verity reappears. Ross and George engage in a frank discussion. Demelza risks her neck before a blessed event.


● WTVP-HD 47.1 – Thu, 04/01/2021 @ 9 PM

Episode 4 - April 8

George maneuvers Poldark toward checkmate. The law hunts down free traders. Caroline chooses between Unwin and Dwight. Francis goes missing.


● WTVP-HD 47.1 – Thu, 04/08/2021 @ 9 PM

Episode 5 - April 15

Ross does Elizabeth a favor. A mysterious benefactor reciprocates. The search is on for Mark, who knows where secret riches lie. George starts Plan C against Ross.


● WTVP-HD 47.1 – Thu, 04/15/2021 @ 9 PM


Inside Look

See a special preview of Season 2.


First Look

Starring Charlotte Riley, Ben Chaplin and featuring David Suchet.

THURSDAYS, APRIL 1, 8, 15, 22, 10 PM

Set in the world of newspapers in London, this razor-sharp and observant drama explores the current turbulent media landscape and the ethical dilemmas that journalists and editors face each day.

Pure - April 1

Holly helps Leona investigate a lead at a hospital. Ed struggles with his conscience after a night working on the Post's showbiz desk.


● WTVP-HD 47.1 – Thu, 04/01/2021 @ 10 PM

Don’t Take My Heart, Don’t Break My Heart - April 8

Holly investigates a lead that a powerful business tycoon coerces young women into sleeping with him. As another source comes forward, Amina feels pressured to run the story. Duncan proposes a deal that could make waves in the political world.


● WTVP-HD 47.1 – Thu, 04/08/2021 @ 10 PM

Magic - April 15

Amina feels defeated in the wake of a scandal and suffers a personal crisis. Duncan is shocked when the Post is banned from Downing Street's daily press conferences. Ed learns not to underestimate Holly's commitment to her work above all else.


● WTVP-HD 47.1 – Thu, 04/15/2021 @ 10 PM

Two Worlds - April 22 

A new Post colleague attempts to discredit Ed. Duncan buries himself in his work. Holly is accused of losing her professional integrity when she mishandles a source. Peter and Amina prepare the way for a big announcement about the Herald's future. 


● WTVP-HD 47.1 – Thu, 04/22/2021 @ 10 PM