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WTVP Survey Results | May 2024

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We sought your opinions, and you spoke. Presenting the findings from the 2024 Audience Survey. A heartfelt thank you to the 1,244 individuals who shared their thoughts with us. We are committed to transparency and openness and are excited to share these results with you. Tune in to the WTVP NOW special for an in-depth look at the survey, airing Thursday, May 2, at 8:30 p.m. Alternatively, you can watch the show now, posted below.

WTVP NowS01 E03: WTVP Now | Audience Survey Results
Rating: TV-G

WTVP shares the revealing and interesting 2024 Audience Survey findings with our viewers.

Question 1: What is your 5-digit zip code? Viewers from more than 30 central Illinois cities replied
Question 2: What is your age bracket? Under 20: <1%, 20-29: 1%, 30-39: 4%, 40-49: 9%, 50-59: 14%, 60-69: 29%, 70-79: 32%, 80 or more: 11%
Question 3: What is your gender? Male 35% Female 64%
Question 4: Are you a WTVP/PBS Viewer?  Regularly 71%, Occasionally 28%, Never 1%
Question 5: WTVP has 4 additional channels (PBS Kids, Create, World and WTVP Remote), and are available via broadcast and local cable services. Do you or your family watch/enjoy any of these channels? (check all that apply) PBS Kids: 28%, Create: 74%, World: 69%, WTVP Remote: 23%
Question 6: What types of programs do you (and your family) enjoy watching on WTVP? (check all that apply)  Children's Programs: 17%, News, public affairs, issues, business: 62%, Mysteries and Dramas: 61%, Arts and Performances: 53%, Science Programs: 64%, Nature/animal Programs: 61%, How-to's: 62%, Programs about Local Issues: 58%, Other: 25%
Question 7: Do you or your family watch/enjoy any of these specially purchased programs? (check all that apply) The Lawrence Welk Show: 32%, Market to Market: 19%, Doc Martin: 63%, The Goes Wrong Show: 16%, Mum: 18%, Miss Winner: 5%, New Tricks: 24%
You Gotta See This!: 66%, At Issue with Mark Welp: 60%, Consider This with Christine Zak-Edmonds: 36%, State & Water: 35%, A Shot of Ag: 34%, Mark's Furry Friends: 32%
Question 9: W hat types of programs would you like to see more of on WTVP that might increase your viewing time on the station? (check all that apply)  Daily Expanded Local News: 33%, Local/Regional Histories: 70%, Local Environmental Documentaries: 36%, Political Interviews: 20%, Roundtable or forum programs: 31%, Local Art Performance: 44%, Local Sports and Events: 23%
Question 10: Do you use any of the WTVP's online streaming services like PBS Passport, PBS App or YouTube that allow you to access PBS programs you may have missed? Yes 47%, No 53%
Question 11:  How do you receive information about WTVP programming? Guide 48%, Online 31%, Channel Guide 49%, Luck 28%
Question 12: WTVP prints and mails a copy of its monthly program guide to members and also includes the information on its website. Continue 42%, Electronic Version 24%, Not A Member 34%
Question 13: What is your current opinion of WTVP? Very Happy: 34%, Happy: 42%, So-So: 17%, Disappointed: 7%
Question 14: Check any of the following where you would be willing to volunteer. (check all that apply) Auction: 29%, Events: 38%, Grant Writing: 13%, Group Volunteering: 13%, Landscape and/or building: 19%, Office Help: 37%
Question 14: What is your level of interest in the Peoria Magazine. Look forward to it: 36%, Glance at it 24%, Typically don't look at it 23%, Don't know what it is 18%