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And the 2019 Winners are...

WTVP is pleased to announce our kindergarten through third grade winners in our local PBS Kids Writers Contest. We hope you enjoy reading these excellent stories!

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Click on the book cover to read each story and then turn the pages by clicking the bottom right corner.

Local winners and their families will be treated to a party in the WTVP Studio where the students will receive prizes including books, writing journals and a special t-shirt announcing them as winners. Every entrant will receive an official Certificate of Achievement.

WTVP congratulates all our entrants for their superb stories! Whether you enter with a class or on your own, be sure to watch next winter for another contest. We are looking forward to reading your story!

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 Check out the 2019 Local Winners Celebration video at the bottom of the page!

2019 First Place Winners

2019 Second Place Winners

2019 Third Place Winners

Julie Sanders
For more information contact:
Julie Sanders | 309-495-0591 for more information.

Watch the 2019 Local Winners Party:

WTVP | PBS Kids Writers Contest

2019 WTVP | PBS Writers Contest Winners Party

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WTVP’s kindergarten - 3rd grade winners in our local 2019 PBS Kids Writers Contest.