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WTVP Birthday Bulletin
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Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday with a WTVP Birthday Bulletin

During the coronavirus shutdown of schools throughout the region and the need for social distancing, WTVP is offering the opportunity to invite PBS to your child’s birthday celebration.

For a donation of just $25, WTVP will show your child’s name in a special Birthday Bulletin during their favorite PBS program. You choose the program and the day — WTVP will do the rest.

“Birthdays are a big deal for kids and not being able to celebrate with friends is difficult,” said Lesley Matuszak, President and CEO of WTVP. “What could be more fun than to have a favorite PBS program as part of your birthday celebration?”

To set up a date for your child’s Birthday Bulletin, call Julie Sanders at 309-495-0591. Please allow a minimum two weeks of lead time before the actual date. A confirmation/reminder email will be sent two days before the birth date.

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