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Supplemental Education Collaboration
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WTVP | PBS, ROE 28, & Neighborhood House Education Collaboration

WTVP, Regional Office of Education and Neighborhood House Collaborate To Deliver Supplemental Education to Area Students Through Television

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PEORIA, Illinois — WTVP, the Peoria County Regional Office of Education (ROE) and Neighborhood House have forged an alliance to give students access to supplemental educational content via broadcast television.

Quality remote learning resources will now be within reach to everyone in the community, especially those who do not have access to a computer, broadband internet or cable TV service. Marginalized students in urban areas and residents of rural communities have not had consistent access to engaging educational content during the time of school shutdowns and social distancing.

Neighborhood House, 1020 South Matthew, Peoria, is currently feeding 200 children in the 61605 zip code. Beginning on May 20 and continuing while supplies last, families visiting Neighborhood House for lunches will receive a WTVP Summer Learning Bag that includes a schedule of WTVP’s educational content. All of the age-specific programming is broadcast over the air on PBS Kids 47.2 and should be available on conventional televisions. No internet or cable access is required. [download schedule]

“This partnership provides an avenue to continue educating, inspiring and connecting families through this time of social distancing,” said WTVP President and CEO Lesley Matuszak. “Public access to educational content has never been more needed or more valued. Education and information are the hallmarks of public media. Children, parents, grandparents and teachers everywhere recognize public television as America's largest classroom.”

“Since educational programs are suspended due to COVID-19, the educational disparity between income levels is drastically increasing. This is why we value our partnership with WTVP and Peoria ROE, who are making it possible to get educational opportunities in the hands of the children who need it the most,” said Becky Rossman, Executive Director for the Neighborhood House.

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“As a public media station, WTVP-PBS supports educators, caregivers, families and children with learning opportunities that are curriculum-based and classroom-tested,” said Beth Crider, Regional Superintendent for Peoria County. “This collaboration delivers supplemental educational content for remote learners to support families during school closures and summer programs offered by local agencies. We believe that this collaboration is more important than ever for children, educators and parents during this time.”

“WTVP-PBS has an important role to play in helping to improve children’s learning and prepare them for success,” said Marcia Bolden, WTVP Director of Philanthropic Relations. “This is central to our mission, and part of the local impact that WTVP has on communities throughout the region.”

“This is another opportunity for us to go beyond conventional programming and show how our outreach efforts can impact our communities in a positive way,” Matuszak added. “WTVP-PBS has great reach throughout Central Illinois. We are happy to put our collective expertise, skill and talent to work to assist our community.”



About WTVP

WTVP’s mission is to enrich our community in engaging and relevant ways using public media and outreach efforts. The station is an essential source for education, scientific, entertainment, and cultural content that connects Central Illinois on a local and world level. Generous membership donations and business underwriting are what make this mission and vision possible. An investment in WTVP is an investment in our community. Learn more at or call 309-677-4747.

About PROE

The Peoria County Regional Office of Education works collaboratively throughout the community to promote educational excellence by providing leadership, resources and support. A major responsibility for the ROE is the administration of state and federal grants, including the Preschool for All program; hosting of the Illinois Virtual School, teacher and administrator certification, school district health/life safety issues, school district compliance visits, student hospital/homebound tutoring, school bus driver training, General Educational Development (GED) testing, criminal background checks, and many other programs and contracts.

About Neighborhood House

The mission of Neighborhood House is to provide a safe environment, resources and education to empower our community to reach their fullest potential through all life stages. Through the efforts of more than 400 volunteers and support of strong community alliances, Neighborhood House provides more than 1,000 home delivered meals to seniors, more than 24,000 after school and summer meals for children and pet food to more than 150 pets through Critter Meals on Wheels.