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WTVP Reviews Plan to Move Forward.

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WTVP reviews plan to move forward.

December 12, 2023 | Contact: Andrew Rand, IVPTC Board Chair - 309.208.2960

PEORIA — The Board of Directors of WTVP reviewed in closed session a plan to consider privileged commercial and financial information related to securing the station’s future as a locally operated public television station at the December 12, 2023 board meeting. The board will review the recommendations at an upcoming meeting in early 2024. Details of the recommended plan will be announced upon Board approval.

As discussed, the plan could ensure that WTVP will remain local and continue to enrich our community in an engaging and relevant way using public media and outreach efforts. WTVP is a necessary source for educational, scientific, entertainment, and cultural content connecting Central Illinois on a local and world level.

The board has spent the last ten weeks reviewing multiple options to ensure the future financial viability of WTVP. After the unexpected resignations of the Director of Finance/Human Resources and the CEO, the board found itself facing an uncertain financial future with evidence of improper, unauthorized, or questionable expenses which appear to have been approved by the former CEO and Director of Finance/Human Resources.

Financial control has been strengthened and spending has been curtailedto align with current revenue streams. The board and staff are working with the National Educational Telecommunications Association to ensure fiscal compliance and transparency moving forward.

The Peoria Police Department has been engaged as there is evidence of potential criminal activity. WTVP continues to be responsive to requests made by the Illinois Attorney General and Corporation for Public Broadcasting and will fulfill all requests and needed documentation as required.

For over 52 years, WTVP has been an invaluable asset to our community, in large part because of the thousands of donors and members who have supported its mission. This support is necessary, valued, and not taken for granted. The board recognizes transparency is essential to continue to earn the community’s trust so that the future of the station remains secure.